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13 March 2008
What is immigration really about?
Every now and again someone speaks the truth about immigration into the UK: it's about providing jobs for the middle classes and keeping working class wages depressed.

Let's take this Guardian article as a case in point. The writer criticises the government by arguing that most of the problems "arise from Whitehall's reluctance to acknowledge that a city hosting thousands of newcomers will need more doctors, more schools and, if they are to integrate into British society, English lessons."

Got that? An army of middle class types are needed, all paid for out of taxation, to service these characters. A cynic - and you don't get much more cynical than this writer - would argue that other countries get by quite happily without providing such well paid employment for the local parasites, but this is England when all is said and done. Standards in higher education were lowered to get more people through a degree course. Something has to be done to provide the semi-educated output of those institutions with jobs.

The writer then goes on to baldly claim that the lack of these services is "threatening Britain's goodwill towards the cheap labour that helps the economy prosper..."

So there you have it, don't you? Cheap labour is what it is about. Cheap labour so that Guardian writers can gloat to their friends about that marvellous Polish plumber who works for next to nothing.

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Oh come on Exile, it was ALWAYS about cheap labour, from the time when WWII was over and the country started importing (cheap) Caribbean dustmen - and even subsidising their immigration. So there's nothing new about this - though I think you're wrong about that Polish plumber who works for next to nothing; in my experience most Poles are a bloody sight too clever to fall for that one.

13 March 2008 at 15:38  

Yeah, I know, but it is nice when things are stated so openly.

To be fair, even though earlier waves were about the same thing, in those days the unions put paid to those management wheezes.

13 March 2008 at 17:29  

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