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23 March 2008
Web Hosting Companies
Have you had enough of the free blog hosts? If you are thinking about running your blog on its own server, then you're not alone - it's something that I have been thinking about for this blog for quite some time.

An Indian bloke named Kaushal Sheth has been pretty busy checking out the best web hosting outfits and you can see the results of his labours by clicking on the link that I have just given you. He's come up with a top three best web hosting companies, so take a virtual trip over to his blog and see if you agree with his assessment.

What's the advantage of paying for your hosting? Well, if you are a hobby blogger who only updates now and then it doesn't really matter. However, if you take it a bit more seriously, then running things on a dedicated server is something that a lot of bloggers want to do.

Kaushal understands this and is looking forward to discussing why he thinks that these companies offer the best web hosting with you. He also creates blog templates, so if you fancy changing yours, he has some pretty original stuff over at his site.
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