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19 March 2008
Tibet & Iraq: two peoples, one struggle

The people of Tibet are rioting in opposition to the occupation of their country by China. This has led to cries of "whataboutery" as the wankblogs start screaming that opponents of the war against Iraq are somehow failing to give the Tibetans the support that they deserve.

To be fair, the world of wankbloggery does have a point: some writers are claiming that the Tibetan riots are a put up job by the west to try and discredit China. By the same token, quite a few wankblogs like to claim that if it wasn't for al-Qaida, everything in Iraq would be sweetness and light. Both are writing bollocks in other words.

Neither the Tibetans nor the Iraqis need the permission of anybody to fight for their homeland. The point was made by Sir Winston Churchill in the first volume of his History of the English Speaking Peoples, when he commented on the Boudicca uprising against the Romans in 60AD. Churchill wrote that this was a revolt against a "higher civilisation," but went on to say:
It is the primary right of men to fight and die for the land of their birth, and to punish with the utmost severity those of their own race who would warm their hands at the invaders' hearth.
I am quoting from memory, but Sir Winston was correct to my way of thinking. It does not matter how bovine, backward or barbarian the natives were or are. Nor does it count for a bucket of stale piss what they do with the turf - their turf - when the invader has been kicked out.

What matters is that they, the Iraqis and the Tibetans, have the primary right to fight and die for the land of their birth. They also have the right to unpack the Black & Decker drills and have a Night of the Long Drill Bits if it pleases them to deal with collaborators in that way.

So let us support the Tibetans and the Iraqis. They are two different people, but they are fighting one liberation struggle.



'Wankblogs'? If it weren't for the fact that I think you're trying to pull mine rather than your own here, I'd be tempted to think that your own blog is one of those. (Even though I sort of agree with what you're saying.)

19 March 2008 at 19:50  

This is anyway.
Direct and front.
Let us here from shit, of a type to play cat and mouse, with two superpowers, without being caught?
First with the Soviets, protected by the CIA, now with the Americans, again in Afghanistan, protected by whom? And it is known there more where?
Is it possible?
Who needs this game?
Will this time bin Laden to laugh at the ranch of George W. Bush?
Or at the headquarters of the CIA in Virginia?
Or in the Kremlin?
Is under the protection of the Red Army?
Or in Agartha?
Is alive?
It costs me to believe that the Imperial Super Power, the United States, have not used the tactics well known from Imperial Rome, it has allowed many movements, offering satellite, which can locate a person in the middle of a crowd and that can see a currency of the space and see if it is expensive or crown?
If you wanted to hit the step, there is much that had done?
Who is this game?
I wonder again…
Who cares perpetuates it?
Or a puppet manipulated by someone? Who?
I must say that yesterday I was uncomfortable with this honourable to make threats on TV, against the Europeans and the values that Western Europe represents in the world.
Bin Laden Is Real?
This is what his strange, reminds me of the "1984", George Orwell, with a minute of hatred and then only lack the image of the Great Brother peaceful and quiet…

21 March 2008 at 01:24  

Have to say that, during the six months or so it takes for your site to load fully, I was a bit worried which line you were going to take on Tibet. I suppose the fact that you equated their struggle to that of the Iraqis rather than to that of the Kosovars should perhaps have reassured me... but it struck me that you could easily have come down squarely on the side of the Chinese as enemies of western imperialism, as well as wielders of Serbian-style sovereignty arguments. If the Serbs are allowed to send their army anywhere they like in their "country", why can't the Chinese send theirs to kick ass in Tibet?

21 March 2008 at 21:14  

Probably because Tibet is not a part of China - in spite of what John Chinaman thinks.

22 March 2008 at 01:12  

In the same way as Kosova is not a part of Serbia - any more.

Gone a bit quiet there, hasn't it?

23 March 2008 at 14:36  

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