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15 March 2008
Three steps to keep a family in touch
Ian Josephs is one of the giants in the battle against the social work filth, and his site contains plenty of information that a parent can use to at least make life difficult for the social work filth as they try to seize yet more children.

In an earlier posting I suggested some steps that pregnant women could take to protect their unborn child, but what about families with children who fear that the next knock at the door will be the social work filth and their posse of coppers? What steps should they take? Ian Josephs offers three bits of advice that I am pleased to reproduce here. None of what follows will serve to protect a child, but the advice might just allow a family to keep in contact.

Firstly, teach your child how to make a reverse charge telephone call to your home. As Ian points out it is a fairly straightforward operation, if you know how to do it. That means making sure that your children know the family's 'phone number, and then taking them to a public telephone box and showing them how to make that reverse charge call. Let them practise a few times until you are sure that they know what they are doing. At least that way they can get in touch with you after having been seized.

Secondly, create an easy to remember e-mail address that your child can memorise. If the child is called Jane, for instance, then "mumjane" would make a good, easy to memorise name. Ian goes on to use the example of mumjane@aol.com, but I think that a better idea would be to have a web based e-mail account such as Hotmail or Yahoo. An AOL account is only valid so long as the AOL bills are paid each month. Yahoo and Hotmail are both free, but you do have to remember to log into them at least once a month, otherwise they will become invalid.

Finally, and most heart-rending of all, make sure that when these creatures of the night arrive to seize your babies, you don't hand them over without a struggle. Keep telling the children that you love them, and force the social work filth to drag them screaming into the night.

Ian points out that the social work filth will lie to your children and tell them that you don't love them. By making the filth drag your children away, the memory of the event will be engrained in their memories. It is better to traumatise them in that way, says Ian, than to allow the social work filth to traumatise them into believing that you don't care for them.

It is horrible to have to reproduce such information, but as we have already seen in earlier postings, the social work filth are seizing child after child.

Will yours be next? Be prepared!



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