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04 March 2008
Introducing Mothers For Justice
I had never heard of Mothers For Justice until a few days ago when one of their number got in touch with me. They are a pretty decent bunch of girls who fight against the evils of the Family Court system and the social work filth who cling to it like leaches to a corpse.

They have asked me to link to their site from this blog, and a permanent link has gone up on the sidebar. That said, I wanted to give them an extra plug, hence this posting. Believe me they deserve it.

People, Mothers For Justice are an organisation worth supporting - so let's do just that!



Thank you. We were ecstatic to find you!

You've cheered us up so much. We're up against Secret Courts, Trials without jury, against MI5 powers of Social Services, and their "cult" like reasoning.

Now we just have to make what we believed to be true, to be the truth. Fair open Courts.

Experts made accountable for what they say. Removing gagging orders so that miscarriages of justice can be reported in the Press.

We have to get there, somehow. Failure isn't an option, as we fight for British children.

It's wonderful to have you with us. :-)

4 March 2008 at 12:22  

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