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06 March 2008
Forced adoptions: what can we do to protect our children?
The social work filth are now kidnapping almost four new born babies a day in England and Wales, and over 75 children of all ages are being seized every single week by that same collection of human vermin known collectively as the social work industry. Most never see their parents again as they end up being fed into the forced adoption machinery.

On the surface there is no good news to report, but if we dig a little deeper we can see some small glimmers of light that parents can use to protect their offspring.

The first is that cases of children over the age of seven being put up for forcible adoption by social work filth are very few and far between. The filth know that finding new homes for children of that age is difficult, so they tend not to try. That is not to say that they will not grab older children and put them in care - after all, each lump of filth needs its very own case load to justify its position within the overall industry - but parents can relax a lot if their children are beyond babyhood.

It is the babies that we need to worry about, especially the ones who are still in their mothers' wombs. Given that seizure of newborns is very much the result of what seems to be almost a lottery, all pregnant women really should start thinking long and hard about what they will do if a lump of social work filth casts its loathsome eyes in their direction.

Now, it isn't up to me to tell any woman what she should do, but I can offer some general advice. The first is that everyone, pregnant or not, should have an emergency cash reserve. I used to call mine my "fuck you" money and I kept it during the 1970s to ensure that when the next redundancy notice hit me, I would have a wad of cash to supplement my dole. If a woman built up such a reserve before she became pregnant, then at least some of her worries would be over in the event of an attack on her unborn infant. Given that there is nothing that the filth can do to an unborn child, and that includes stopping the mother from leaving the country, a woman with a cash reserve can pick the moment of departure to suit herself.

How could she support both herself and her new baby? Well, if she doesn't have a skill that can be readily offered, then she had better damn well get one fast. The quickest because it only takes a maximum of six weeks to obtain is a CELTA. This Certificate in Teaching English to Adults is validated by the University of Cambridge and offered at hundreds of centres throughout the UK. The cost is about £1,250, and if it is done at International House then a job will be offered after qualification.

Don't get me wrong, I am not telling all and sundry to go off and become English teachers. What I am saying is that the social work filth are seizing over 75 children a week. So if you want to ensure that the fuckers don't get yours, then make sure that you have a backup plan to protect both yourself and your child.

Campaigning groups such as Mothers For Justice, an organisation that I mentioned in my last posting, might want to take up this idea as part of a publicity drive. If the international press got to hear that British pressure groups were advising pregnant women to look abroad, that being the only sure way of protecting their children, then it would turn the spotlight on the whole of the social work industry and its loathsome activities.



CELTA, ummh, sounds like an excellent "fall back" qualification for everyone.

If you want to travel overseas, our natural asset is our mother tongue.

I'm linking this blog to our Facebook account.

7 March 2008 at 17:49  

Yes, excellent advice about the CELTA. I'm just about to do one myself, in fact. Let globalisation work for us, for once. Many people in this country, I find, don't realise that we are allowed to go and live in any EU country at will, with or without a job, and no-one's allowed to stop us. And most, if not all, have a welfare system to which all EU citizens are entitled, although it may take a while to establish one's claim, hence the importance of the 'fuck you' cash reserve.

12 March 2008 at 00:25  

Naah, find a place outside the EU - it's just as easy and there is less chance of being deported.

12 March 2008 at 15:37  

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