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24 March 2008
Fitna the movie: yet another example of internet censorship
Geert Wilders is a Dutch parliamentarian who has made a 15 minute short film attacking Islam. The film is called Fitna, an Arabic word which this site translates as the Islamic call for civil war. Since just about every western TV station has refused to broadcast the film, Geert Wilders decided to register fitnathemovie.com as his domain, and then, foolishly, rented space with the same American internet hosting outfit called Internet Solutions, that held the registration. The idea was the people could download the short from the site and Geert Wilders would get round the television ban that way.

So far so boring, but now the shit has hit the fan as Internet Solutions have decided to suspend the account as you will see if you try to access fitnathemovie.com. (The Daily Telegraph, from whom the original report comes, got the URL wrong, giving it as fitna.com, but that is not Wilders' domain.)

This is not the first time that an internet service provider has pulled the plug for political reasons. It happened to the British political activist Craig Murray last year, but at least that was a British hosting company, so we expect them to be gutless. Internet Solutions are American, so what happened to the freedom of speech malarkey that they enjoy spouting so much?

I hope that Geert Wilders does get a new host very quickly. In the meantime I think it might be a good idea if people read this posting which gives some common sense advice on how to keep a site alive come what may. The short version is that anything controversial should not be hosted by the same company that holds the domain registration.

Had Geert Wilders followed that simple rule, then his site would be up and running right now.

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Wilders Movie Website, Network Solutions, Is Caving Into Radical Islam.

Website http://www.fitnathemovie.com/ is down: "This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site's content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation." Read more: http://muslimsagainstsharia.blogspot.com/2008/03/is-wilders-movie-website-network.html

Muslims Against Sharia neither endorse nor condemn "Fitna"; we have not seen the film. However, we find it disturbing that Network Solution suspended "Fitna" website while hosting a multitude of radical Islamic websites, some of which belong to (or are closely affiliated with) terrorist groups.

24 March 2008 at 03:49  

Thanks for your link, mate. You have a well laid out site, I must say.

24 March 2008 at 04:08  

Thank you.

24 March 2008 at 06:37  

The site NetSol shutdown was not Wilders, but it did end up serving as a dummy site and diversion.

Millions and millions are quiting Islam every year; in Africa 16,000 leave Islam everyday, according to Faithfreedom.org.


For Muslims reading this, be brave! You also can leave Islam. Be a brave apostate!

Youtube & Google Video have put 'Fitna' up. See the link at the bottom.

GO Mr. Wilders! Great job! Short and to the point, very powerful!
It will be interesting to see how many Dhimmi politicians will watch this. Eventually, most probably will.

SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone!

All freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, there will be no freedom. The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized. Rioting MUST not be tolerated.

That’ll be great if there’s not much rioting, how very mature that would be. Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
weak and insecure is BEST

the best way for religion
KILL those who question it

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
Islam for everyone

submit to glorious life
slavery and servitude

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw self-defense

exposing violent crimes
shall be deemed hate speech






31 March 2008 at 03:24  

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