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28 March 2008
Watch Fitna The Movie Here!

Fitna The Movie has now been released. If you want to download Fitna, then please wait for a few days until a decent version becomes available. At the moment all we have is this flash movie option.

As we reported a few days ago, the site that should have been running was suspended by its hosting company, but the beauty of the internet means that there are ways to get things seen.

To be honest, watching Fitna The Movie is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but what the hell - this is the film that lots of people don't want you to watch. For that reason alone you might want to click on the button and let the video run.

I have also uploaded the video from Daily Motion, just in case the Live Leak version gets swamped.



Thank you for making Fitna available.

28 March 2008 at 05:12  

Geert Wilders, he doesn't understand at all about Islam. He put the Qur'an statement only piece by piece. If he really intelligent, so he should do the anti-islam movie with his brain no emotion. Do it in great not in coward way like this. Okey, it's his choice to be one of anti Islam but it doesn't mean he can insult another religion with emotion.

For everyone who hates Islam, use your brain.

I'm moslem. I appreciate all of religions. I also appreciate if you hate Islam, it's your choice. But c'mmon it's not the time to spread your hate emotion. It's not time to blame each of religions....

Anytime you want discuss about Islam with me, contact me on yahoo messenger as echo_scully.

28 March 2008 at 11:46  

The film, Serenity, is total bollocks. Leni Riefenstahl meets Sergei Eisenstein is isn't...

That said, people want to ban it, which is as good a reason as any why it should be shown.

There is also the matter of my getting 550 hits up to now today, and the day is still only just ten hours old.

28 March 2008 at 15:54  

Shalom from Israel ,

Hello my friends,
It's funny - i wasn't find the movie shocking at all . My country is hit by terror for years, we are forced to fight for our lives . it's something that you will never understand. We always look like the "bad guys" with the "bad army" , but the truth is behind one or two pictures... try to read some history and you'll figure it out...

We know everything 'bout the evil IN PARTS of the Islam . I would like to add that not all the muslims are like that .
However - sooner or later you will see that in the name of "law" and "democracy" the muslems will ask (or force) you to give up small parts of your freedom . At first it will be ok with you ... but few years later.... you'll be doomed ... believe me - it has already started....you're NOW afraid to ask questions or to raise public doubts against the Islam. I wish well for the author of this movie . he has guts !!

28 March 2008 at 22:41  

Israel is constantly threaten by muslims and you are being forced to give up your freedoms? What a bold statement to make.

Israel bombs the fuck out of Palestine constantly with its tanks and planes. The best thing that Palestine has is a few rockets and rocks. Go fuck yourself Israel.

911 being blamed on terrorist, yes that is right the JEW who owned the building and his good old friends George Bush and his brother.

Poor Israel what a fucking joke. Call my antisemitic if you will. Who controls all major banks & media in America. JEWS JEWS JEWS.

Dont believe me do your own research. Poor Israel. What a fucking joke.

And by the way what did the President of Israel say about America in an interview. "We dont have to be in America, we control it fromhere" Quoted on recorded saying this shit.

I am a true American saying I welcome Muslims, being around so many I learned one thing, Muslims as a whole are peaceful. It is the Jews you have to worry about. Anyone go bankrupt this year, foreclose on a home, well now the JEWS who run American banks and interest have you by the balls.

Dont believe me look up for yourself who own the WTC Center and how he profited over $7 billion, who owns the media in America (all major networks), and all big banks INCLUDING the FEDERAL RESERVE (for you people living under a rock or too stupid to read, the Federal Reserve is not FUCKING FEDERAL. It is a private bank). All of these are owned by JEWS JEWS JEWS.

Fuck the JEWS.

American who has lost a family member in the WTC and a younger brother in Iraq, and I also got so lucky to escape Iraq myself with one leg.

Go to the Middle East you will see who the real victims are.

28 March 2008 at 23:08  

I see that the webmongs have arrived...

29 March 2008 at 02:26  

i dont want to hate anyone, thats not how i was brought up.. but if someone innocent,in your family is blown up in the train while on his way to work and his death is celeberated by others, it calls for some retrospection with regard to tolerance.

29 March 2008 at 10:57  

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