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17 March 2008
Blog Exclusive: Free Martin McCabe, a political prisoner!

Early Day Motion

EDM 1114

Hemming, John

That this House notes that the Court of Appeal refused the appeal of Martin McCabe against his criminal conviction for assisting his pregnant wife to leave the country with her son.

Thanks to John Hemming MP, the name of Martin McCabe, the brave father who helped his pregnant wife and stepson flee the wrath of the social work filth, is now in the public domain.

As this blog reported in February, Martin McCabe helped his family escape England and its loathsome social work filth and they are now making a new life for themselves abroad, free of the evil that only a lump of social work shit can bring to people's lives.

Martin returned to the UK after driving his family to safety and was promptly arrested and sentenced to 16 months in jail for his "crime". As The Times reported, he is "unlikely to get early release, unlike the 1,730 robbers and 3,484 people convicted of violence against the person, who have been let out since June. Nor can he be put on a tag, because his classification is deemed to make him a risk to the public."

Martin McCabe will be held in prison to serve as an awful warning to anyone else who ever thinks of defying the wishes of those agents of the state known as the social work filth. He is a political prisoner and should be adopted as such by Amnesty International and other campaigning groups.



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