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31 March 2008
Parental Alienation Syndrome: another tool of the social work filth

Have you ever heard of Parental Alienation Syndrome? That's OK because neither had I until a lady who goes under the monicker of UKSecretCourts wrote to me and asked me to publicise its use by the social work filth. Since I happen to be an admirer of her video work, I'm only to pleased to oblige.

The video which I have embedded here pretty much tells you everything that you need to know about this PAS idea. Basically the idea is that if a child rejects a parent, usually the father, then that is because that child has been coached into feeling that way by the mother. The whole notion of PAS, as thought up by the late Richard Gardner has been much criticised, and the concept doesn't seem to be recognised in the UK.

So what the social work filth try to do, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous, is use nebulous concepts like "emotional abuse". That way they get to use PAS under another name to take control of a child's future.

When dealing with social work filth you have to remember that it is always about power and control. The Gardner Thesis, albeit under other names, is one way in which their power can be justified. It is a simple idea, therefore it appeals to the semi-educated social work mind.


30 March 2008
Payday Loans at TrustSource.org
This posting is just for my American readers...

Sometimes they are called cash advances and sometimes you see them advertised as payday loans. Whatever name is chosen they amount to the same thing - a quick and convenient way to get a loan that will tide you over until the next month's wages are paid. Normally a payday loan can be arranged in about 24 hours and the funds will be sent directly into your checking account.

The problem is that there are so many companies offering these payday loans that deciding the right one for you is a battle all in itself. Wouldn't it be great if someone created a website that allowed you to look over the various companies so that you could decide which was the right one for you?

TrustSouce.org have done just that and now you can choose from amongst several payday loans companies. Maybe you want ultra discretion, or do you need a company that will make the loan in a super fast time? Whatever your needs are, TrustSouce.org will probably have a payday loans company ready and willing to do business with you.
28 March 2008
LiveLeak pulls Fitna: watch it here!

Following on from my last posting, I can now report that Fitna The Movie is no longer available from LiveLeak.com. If you click on the video all you get is an explanation of why it has been pulled. Live Leak are a Manchester based outfit and have come under threat, probably from the Pakistani denizens of the mill towns which surround Manchester.

You can still watch the film at Daily Motion, which is the version that I have at the top of this posting. Alternatively, you can click over to Google Video and watch it there.

The file sharers have it, but the version that I downloaded had a corrupt soundtrack and would not play.


Watch Fitna The Movie Here!

Fitna The Movie has now been released. If you want to download Fitna, then please wait for a few days until a decent version becomes available. At the moment all we have is this flash movie option.

As we reported a few days ago, the site that should have been running was suspended by its hosting company, but the beauty of the internet means that there are ways to get things seen.

To be honest, watching Fitna The Movie is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but what the hell - this is the film that lots of people don't want you to watch. For that reason alone you might want to click on the button and let the video run.

I have also uploaded the video from Daily Motion, just in case the Live Leak version gets swamped.


26 March 2008
Would you shag a social worker?
This rather tasty bit of talent is the franchise sales manageress of Russia's Expobank, an outfit that has just been taken over by Barclay's Bank for a whopping $745 million. Given that it only has assets of $100 million or so, someone is obviously a good salesman. Or maybe the Barclay's lads decided that buying the bank to get access to its undoubted talents was well worth it. (Just put your cursor over the delightful rump of Miss Evgenia Trusilova and then give her a well-deserved smack with your left mouse button to see the rest of the calender.)

Here's a thought that came to me as I gazed at the luscious Miss Trusilova and thought that she could trusi my lova any time she wants, why is it that banks, say, get such beddable birds working for them, and all the social work industry gets are the dogs?

If you doubt my words, then consider the average social workerette and ask yourself one simple question: would you shag it?

Come to think of it, is the fact that no element of the social work industry has ever come up with the idea of running a Miss Social Worker competition not indicative of the fact that if a social worker was the last woman on this earth, then that would be the end of the human race?

A mate of mine did have a social work squeeze many years ago. A tiny little tart who kept tripping over the string on her Tampax. If memory serves me right he once said that she was so fucking fat that when she sat on his face he couldn't hear his stereo.

He only went out with her because she had appeared in films. You may remember her from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - she was the one you saw at the end, sat in the fucking rocking chair.

Enough of this merry banter - would you dip your wick in a social worker's pit? That's the question.

If not, probably because the thought makes you want to vomit, then consider that we as socialists accept the notion that the middle class are unproductive parasites who only serve to consume resources and pollute the fucking air that the rest of us have to breath. However, if the females of this particular sector of the middle class are so God-awful that even their vibrators shrivel up, then what is the point of keeping them around, if they are not even fit to fuck?

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25 March 2008
Fran Lyon almost lost Molly to the social work filth
Fran Lyon may turn out to be the luckiest lady on earth. As we reported here, she was forced to flee the UK to escape the attentions of the socials work filth who were determined to seize her unborn child as soon as she was born.

Fran made a home for herself abroad, and her daughter, Molly, was born in perfect safety in January. So why is she really so lucky?

The social work filth were considering applying to the English courts to have Molly made a ward of court. Had that happened, and had Fran given birth within the European Union, then baby Molly could have been returned to the loathsome clutches of the social work industry.

As late as December last year the social work filth were claiming that “The case has not been dropped and until we hand over to another authority she is still under our care."

Got that? Especially the "under our care" bit. Translated into simple English, that means that an adult, Fran Lyon in this case, was expected to seek the permission of the social work filth before she made a decision.

Thankfully all that is behind Fran now. However, if Fran and Molly are within the EU, then the social work filth can still change their minds and go after Molly through an administrative order.

The lesson for any other young woman who finds herself in the same situation is clear: get out of the European Union!


Richard Corbett MEP, made to look stupid
Here's a good one - Richard Corbett is one of Nu-Labour's prime stooges in Brussels who decided a few days ago to set up his very own blog. Like many a wankblogger before him he decided not to allow comments, presumably for fear that the anti-EC brigade would arrive in force to make him look a tit.

Not to worry because one such fine brigade member has done just that - by setting up a blog that scrapes Corbett's drivel as soon as it is posted. The only difference between the two blogs is that the copier allows open comments: and what comments they are!

Corbett seems to have rounded up as many creatures as he can find to hit the blog with pompous comments - it reminds me a bit of when Gimlet's mates arrived here giving it lip and providing me with easy laughs. What is it about the Nu-Labour crowd that makes them such humourless, sanctimonious gits?

More importantly, don't they realise that all they do when they scream like prize lapdogs is provide yet more publicity for the people that are out to make them look even more bovine than than they do normally?

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24 March 2008
Essay writing outfits: the Exile goes with the flow.
On the fuck it principle I have decided to start producing copy for the essay writing outfits. If you want to find out why - and have a good laugh at the same time - then click on this here link.
4,000 Americans are now very dead in Iraq
The Iraqis have now managed to cull 4,000 Americans.

It seems like only yesterday when the figure reached 2,000, but that was back in November 2005. The 3,000 figure was reached at the end of December 2006 and now yet another milestone has been reached.

I must admit to a sneaking admiration for the Iraqi fighters. There they are, equipped with little more than home made bombs, and still they keep on culling this scum that occupies their land.

It is quite likely that some webmong will roll up and argue that because it took the Iraqis 15 months to cull the latest 1,000, this means that the war is winding down, or something. Actually what it means is that the Americans are hunkered down and not doing very much and the Iraqis are playing a long game.

Time is on Iraq's side. All they have to do is keep on culling and eventually the Americans will call it a day. Is America up for another five years of war? How about 50?

All the Iraqis have to do is outlast their enemies and victory is theirs.


Fitna the movie: yet another example of internet censorship
Geert Wilders is a Dutch parliamentarian who has made a 15 minute short film attacking Islam. The film is called Fitna, an Arabic word which this site translates as the Islamic call for civil war. Since just about every western TV station has refused to broadcast the film, Geert Wilders decided to register fitnathemovie.com as his domain, and then, foolishly, rented space with the same American internet hosting outfit called Internet Solutions, that held the registration. The idea was the people could download the short from the site and Geert Wilders would get round the television ban that way.

So far so boring, but now the shit has hit the fan as Internet Solutions have decided to suspend the account as you will see if you try to access fitnathemovie.com. (The Daily Telegraph, from whom the original report comes, got the URL wrong, giving it as fitna.com, but that is not Wilders' domain.)

This is not the first time that an internet service provider has pulled the plug for political reasons. It happened to the British political activist Craig Murray last year, but at least that was a British hosting company, so we expect them to be gutless. Internet Solutions are American, so what happened to the freedom of speech malarkey that they enjoy spouting so much?

I hope that Geert Wilders does get a new host very quickly. In the meantime I think it might be a good idea if people read this posting which gives some common sense advice on how to keep a site alive come what may. The short version is that anything controversial should not be hosted by the same company that holds the domain registration.

Had Geert Wilders followed that simple rule, then his site would be up and running right now.

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23 March 2008
Web Hosting Companies
Have you had enough of the free blog hosts? If you are thinking about running your blog on its own server, then you're not alone - it's something that I have been thinking about for this blog for quite some time.

An Indian bloke named Kaushal Sheth has been pretty busy checking out the best web hosting outfits and you can see the results of his labours by clicking on the link that I have just given you. He's come up with a top three best web hosting companies, so take a virtual trip over to his blog and see if you agree with his assessment.

What's the advantage of paying for your hosting? Well, if you are a hobby blogger who only updates now and then it doesn't really matter. However, if you take it a bit more seriously, then running things on a dedicated server is something that a lot of bloggers want to do.

Kaushal understands this and is looking forward to discussing why he thinks that these companies offer the best web hosting with you. He also creates blog templates, so if you fancy changing yours, he has some pretty original stuff over at his site.
22 March 2008
Find the perfect online casino at Onlinecasinolinks.com
Are you looking for an online casino? There are a lot of them about, so finding the right one for you is a job in itself. Maybe you are interested in the level of sign up bonus that a casino offers, or perhaps the payout rate is a more important consideration? Maybe you want to go to the online casino that has the highest rating by player vote? Don't worry, you'll find it at this site.

As you can see, Onlinecasinolinks.com has suddenly made the task of finding the perfect gambling spot a whole lot easier by providing a review of the top 100 or so online casinos. Most importantly, they include every online casino that will accept U.S. based players - a very important consideration when you consider the lengths that Uncle Sam is going to to stop Americans from investing their money how they wish.

So the site to visit to find the perfect online casino for you is Onlinecasinolinks.com. Just click on one of the links that I have given you and prepare to enjoy your evening's gambling.
21 March 2008
Sucking for petrol
I was planning to write a long piece on this, the fifth anniversary of the start of the war against Iraq, but then I thought fuck it: let's have a laugh.

This bird in Arizona decided to go and swap a blow job for some petrol, but ended up stabbing the putative punter instead.

This is what the world's last remaining superpower is now reduced too - providing cheap and easy laughs for the rest of us.
19 March 2008
Tibet & Iraq: two peoples, one struggle

The people of Tibet are rioting in opposition to the occupation of their country by China. This has led to cries of "whataboutery" as the wankblogs start screaming that opponents of the war against Iraq are somehow failing to give the Tibetans the support that they deserve.

To be fair, the world of wankbloggery does have a point: some writers are claiming that the Tibetan riots are a put up job by the west to try and discredit China. By the same token, quite a few wankblogs like to claim that if it wasn't for al-Qaida, everything in Iraq would be sweetness and light. Both are writing bollocks in other words.

Neither the Tibetans nor the Iraqis need the permission of anybody to fight for their homeland. The point was made by Sir Winston Churchill in the first volume of his History of the English Speaking Peoples, when he commented on the Boudicca uprising against the Romans in 60AD. Churchill wrote that this was a revolt against a "higher civilisation," but went on to say:
It is the primary right of men to fight and die for the land of their birth, and to punish with the utmost severity those of their own race who would warm their hands at the invaders' hearth.
I am quoting from memory, but Sir Winston was correct to my way of thinking. It does not matter how bovine, backward or barbarian the natives were or are. Nor does it count for a bucket of stale piss what they do with the turf - their turf - when the invader has been kicked out.

What matters is that they, the Iraqis and the Tibetans, have the primary right to fight and die for the land of their birth. They also have the right to unpack the Black & Decker drills and have a Night of the Long Drill Bits if it pleases them to deal with collaborators in that way.

So let us support the Tibetans and the Iraqis. They are two different people, but they are fighting one liberation struggle.


18 March 2008
Will Boris Johnson be mayor of London?
The race to be mayor of London kicks off today, and Boris Johnson the Tory challenger, has a nice 12 point lead over Ken Livingstone the Labour incumbent. That doesn't mean that the race is over as Livingstone is a noted survivor, but it is further proof of yesterday's argument that the days of New-Labour are numbered.

No doubt the wankblogs will start to scream that Boris is a laid back toff, which he is, but he is also not a Thatcherite ideologue. As mayor he would be not all that much different from Livingstone.

That, surely, is the point? Stripped of all the rhetoric, Labour was created to represent the views of the urban working man and his wife and his kids. The party no longer even pretends to do that, so is it any wonder that the urban working class no longer support it?

Who would I vote for? Probably for the Respect candidate, Lindsey German. That doesn't mean that I am a Trot, but it does mean that I would want to give a sarcastic two-fingered salute to those who believe that labour and capital can somehow get along on capitalism's terms.


17 March 2008
Labour will lose the next general election
I'll stick my neck out and say that Labour is going to lose the next election.

I began to think that two weeks ago during lunch with the journalist Neil Clark in Oxford. Neil reported that something like 700 pubs have shut since the smoking ban came into force last year. I remarked that nothing was more likely to cheese off the last working class votes that Labour had than to see their local swill shop close down.

Of course it isn't just the smoking ban that will cost Labour the next election. The ban, though, is symptomatic of a polity that has become disengaged from the electorate and their concerns. To give just one example, the war against Iraq is not something that features much in conversation, but the cost of utility bills does. It may be argued that the parties have never fully represented the wishes of their supporters, if they had, then Labour would be the party of capital punishment. However, the parties represented some of their supporters wishes and desires - enough of them to ensure that the core vote would turn out at election time.

Today neither of the two main parties, but especially Labour, can be said to articulate the desires of anyone other than a small, metropolitan elite, who are unconcerned about house prices, utility bills, or immigration. Labour will pay the price for that at the next election.

Secondly, there is about the Labour government an air of cack-handedness that fairly takes the breath away. It is not just the loss of two million people's personal data that was contained on computer disks that some pen pusher mislaid, it is the sheer level of incompetence that seems to emerge with every day that passes. Today for instance it emerged that Leeds Magistrates' Court has managed to forget to pass on several hundred convictions to the National Police Computer.

This level of incompetence has been matched by an equally unpleasant level of sleaze that threatens the Tory record set during the Thatcher and Major years. The Lee Jasper affair in London is just one example of a Labour Party that seem to be more concerned with handing out goodies to its sinecurists than it does with aiding its traditional supporters.

Finally, does it really matter if labour loses? It is not as if the party has done much to unravel the Thatcherite changes of the 1980s. Why should a working man, living on a northern council estate, really give a stuff about which of these gangs of thieves has their paws on the levers of power?


Blog Exclusive: Free Martin McCabe, a political prisoner!

Early Day Motion

EDM 1114

Hemming, John

That this House notes that the Court of Appeal refused the appeal of Martin McCabe against his criminal conviction for assisting his pregnant wife to leave the country with her son.

Thanks to John Hemming MP, the name of Martin McCabe, the brave father who helped his pregnant wife and stepson flee the wrath of the social work filth, is now in the public domain.

As this blog reported in February, Martin McCabe helped his family escape England and its loathsome social work filth and they are now making a new life for themselves abroad, free of the evil that only a lump of social work shit can bring to people's lives.

Martin returned to the UK after driving his family to safety and was promptly arrested and sentenced to 16 months in jail for his "crime". As The Times reported, he is "unlikely to get early release, unlike the 1,730 robbers and 3,484 people convicted of violence against the person, who have been let out since June. Nor can he be put on a tag, because his classification is deemed to make him a risk to the public."

Martin McCabe will be held in prison to serve as an awful warning to anyone else who ever thinks of defying the wishes of those agents of the state known as the social work filth. He is a political prisoner and should be adopted as such by Amnesty International and other campaigning groups.


15 March 2008
Three steps to keep a family in touch
Ian Josephs is one of the giants in the battle against the social work filth, and his site contains plenty of information that a parent can use to at least make life difficult for the social work filth as they try to seize yet more children.

In an earlier posting I suggested some steps that pregnant women could take to protect their unborn child, but what about families with children who fear that the next knock at the door will be the social work filth and their posse of coppers? What steps should they take? Ian Josephs offers three bits of advice that I am pleased to reproduce here. None of what follows will serve to protect a child, but the advice might just allow a family to keep in contact.

Firstly, teach your child how to make a reverse charge telephone call to your home. As Ian points out it is a fairly straightforward operation, if you know how to do it. That means making sure that your children know the family's 'phone number, and then taking them to a public telephone box and showing them how to make that reverse charge call. Let them practise a few times until you are sure that they know what they are doing. At least that way they can get in touch with you after having been seized.

Secondly, create an easy to remember e-mail address that your child can memorise. If the child is called Jane, for instance, then "mumjane" would make a good, easy to memorise name. Ian goes on to use the example of mumjane@aol.com, but I think that a better idea would be to have a web based e-mail account such as Hotmail or Yahoo. An AOL account is only valid so long as the AOL bills are paid each month. Yahoo and Hotmail are both free, but you do have to remember to log into them at least once a month, otherwise they will become invalid.

Finally, and most heart-rending of all, make sure that when these creatures of the night arrive to seize your babies, you don't hand them over without a struggle. Keep telling the children that you love them, and force the social work filth to drag them screaming into the night.

Ian points out that the social work filth will lie to your children and tell them that you don't love them. By making the filth drag your children away, the memory of the event will be engrained in their memories. It is better to traumatise them in that way, says Ian, than to allow the social work filth to traumatise them into believing that you don't care for them.

It is horrible to have to reproduce such information, but as we have already seen in earlier postings, the social work filth are seizing child after child.

Will yours be next? Be prepared!


14 March 2008
Ashley Alexandra Dupre: the singing trollop
Sorry to say that I can't find any nude photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the 22 year old girl who charged $1,000 an hour for sex, and who is credited with forcing the resignation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

What I can report is that she is also a singer, and you can hear her songs at Arnie Street. A few short hours ago they were available as a free download, but now the price has reached 98c a track.

Check out some more photos of the lady here. On her back or in the recording studio, this girl is clearly going places.


Online Casino Information
They are so many virtual casinos these days that finding the right one for you is a battle royal. Wouldn't it be great if someone could just produce a list of them so that you could pick the online casino that is right for you?

Well, you can stop worrying because Online-Casino-List.com has done just that for you. Take a virtual stroll over there and see the mouth watering offers that these casinos have just for you. There is a list of the best online casinos as well as another that has been voted on by the players themselves. Whatever your list of criteria is for online gaming, this site will probably have just the information that you need.

My own favourites are the most voted online casinos. That doesn't mean that they have been voted as the best of the bunch, but it does mean that they have picked up the most overall notices, both good and bad. These casinos have been around for a good length of time and have picked up a lot of players.

So, if you are looking to play online, but don't know where to begin, start by checking out what's good at Online-Casino-List.com.
California Fashion Schools
If you want a career in fashion then a California fashion school might just be the one for you. The state is a leading trend setter as far as fashion is concerned, so one of the California fashion schools makes sense as it gets you right into the heart of the action. On the subject of action, why not go the whole hog and look at the fashion schools in Los Angeles? Click on any of the links that I have just given you and get ready to start your new career.
13 March 2008
What is immigration really about?
Every now and again someone speaks the truth about immigration into the UK: it's about providing jobs for the middle classes and keeping working class wages depressed.

Let's take this Guardian article as a case in point. The writer criticises the government by arguing that most of the problems "arise from Whitehall's reluctance to acknowledge that a city hosting thousands of newcomers will need more doctors, more schools and, if they are to integrate into British society, English lessons."

Got that? An army of middle class types are needed, all paid for out of taxation, to service these characters. A cynic - and you don't get much more cynical than this writer - would argue that other countries get by quite happily without providing such well paid employment for the local parasites, but this is England when all is said and done. Standards in higher education were lowered to get more people through a degree course. Something has to be done to provide the semi-educated output of those institutions with jobs.

The writer then goes on to baldly claim that the lack of these services is "threatening Britain's goodwill towards the cheap labour that helps the economy prosper..."

So there you have it, don't you? Cheap labour is what it is about. Cheap labour so that Guardian writers can gloat to their friends about that marvellous Polish plumber who works for next to nothing.

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06 March 2008
Forced adoptions: what can we do to protect our children?
The social work filth are now kidnapping almost four new born babies a day in England and Wales, and over 75 children of all ages are being seized every single week by that same collection of human vermin known collectively as the social work industry. Most never see their parents again as they end up being fed into the forced adoption machinery.

On the surface there is no good news to report, but if we dig a little deeper we can see some small glimmers of light that parents can use to protect their offspring.

The first is that cases of children over the age of seven being put up for forcible adoption by social work filth are very few and far between. The filth know that finding new homes for children of that age is difficult, so they tend not to try. That is not to say that they will not grab older children and put them in care - after all, each lump of filth needs its very own case load to justify its position within the overall industry - but parents can relax a lot if their children are beyond babyhood.

It is the babies that we need to worry about, especially the ones who are still in their mothers' wombs. Given that seizure of newborns is very much the result of what seems to be almost a lottery, all pregnant women really should start thinking long and hard about what they will do if a lump of social work filth casts its loathsome eyes in their direction.

Now, it isn't up to me to tell any woman what she should do, but I can offer some general advice. The first is that everyone, pregnant or not, should have an emergency cash reserve. I used to call mine my "fuck you" money and I kept it during the 1970s to ensure that when the next redundancy notice hit me, I would have a wad of cash to supplement my dole. If a woman built up such a reserve before she became pregnant, then at least some of her worries would be over in the event of an attack on her unborn infant. Given that there is nothing that the filth can do to an unborn child, and that includes stopping the mother from leaving the country, a woman with a cash reserve can pick the moment of departure to suit herself.

How could she support both herself and her new baby? Well, if she doesn't have a skill that can be readily offered, then she had better damn well get one fast. The quickest because it only takes a maximum of six weeks to obtain is a CELTA. This Certificate in Teaching English to Adults is validated by the University of Cambridge and offered at hundreds of centres throughout the UK. The cost is about £1,250, and if it is done at International House then a job will be offered after qualification.

Don't get me wrong, I am not telling all and sundry to go off and become English teachers. What I am saying is that the social work filth are seizing over 75 children a week. So if you want to ensure that the fuckers don't get yours, then make sure that you have a backup plan to protect both yourself and your child.

Campaigning groups such as Mothers For Justice, an organisation that I mentioned in my last posting, might want to take up this idea as part of a publicity drive. If the international press got to hear that British pressure groups were advising pregnant women to look abroad, that being the only sure way of protecting their children, then it would turn the spotlight on the whole of the social work industry and its loathsome activities.


04 March 2008
Introducing Mothers For Justice
I had never heard of Mothers For Justice until a few days ago when one of their number got in touch with me. They are a pretty decent bunch of girls who fight against the evils of the Family Court system and the social work filth who cling to it like leaches to a corpse.

They have asked me to link to their site from this blog, and a permanent link has gone up on the sidebar. That said, I wanted to give them an extra plug, hence this posting. Believe me they deserve it.

People, Mothers For Justice are an organisation worth supporting - so let's do just that!


03 March 2008
Saving Crystal Walton: the fight goes on!
The campaign to save Crystal Walton is bearing fruit. Ian, her father, has been in touch with me to say that all the publicity that we are generating means that the social work filth cannot find a family that will accept this kidnap victim as their own. She is still being held by those creatures known as the social work filth, so the war is not over yet, but at least an adoption has been prevented at the time of writing.

Ian Walton is breaking every law that the Nu-Labour regime can introduce, so that is another reason to keep the publicity machine working overtime: it not only helps prevent his daughter's forced adoption, but it may help Ian stay out of jail.

This brave man, who is obviously under extreme pressure, reports that he will "go to the ends of the earth to stop the adoption".

He needs our help. Please, take the ribbon banner that you can see on the top right of my blog and fly it at your site. If you don't know how to do that then get in touch with me and I will send you the code along with simple instructions that will tell you how to install it.

Have you written to your MP about this matter yet? Why not do it now? When you have done that why not write to your local newspaper as well?

People, let's keep this ball rolling. The social work filth are as afraid of publicity as a vampire is of sunlight.

Save Crystal Walton!