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13 February 2008
Vanessa Brookes & Fran Lyon: how to take on the social work filth
Following on from last night's posting, I see that British people are actually using new technology to good agitprop ends. I really should check these things out before I sound off, shouldn't I?

Sound recordings are easy to make and even easier to pass around. Vanessa Brookes is a blind woman who managed it, so if she can, there's no excuse for the rest of us to fail, is there?

Vanessa must have seemed like an easy mark for the social work filth. They had already managed to kidnap two of her children, so when she became pregnant again, Calderdale Council's filth must have thought that here was an easy grab.

However, Vanessa turned up at the meeting with the filth clutching a sound recorder and was able to secretly tape the sadistic, monotone voice of a genuine lump of social work filth as it taunted her with its plans for her child's future.

She made only one mistake: she uploaded the file to You Tube, and as we have already seen, that company will censor anything at the drop of a hat. Sure enough, the middle class maggots who serve as councillors were only too pleased to defend the middle class cockroaches in the social work industry and complain on their behalf to You Tube, who then pulled the video.

Not that it did them any good because it is now all around the fucking web: download it here in .wmv format or you can get it here as an .avi.

Not much is being written now about Vanessa. All we know is that shortly after her baby was born she vanished. We wish her well and hope that she stays hidden.

We know a lot more about the beautiful Fran Lyon because she started to use the media in a much more effective way. Not only that but she left the UK before her baby was born so the social work filth were unable to gag her - that is probably why even You Tube haven't censored her supporters.

Fran's use of the media started early on in her pregnancy when she involved both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail in her plight. At that time she appeared to be the voice of sweet reason itself, a good strategy, and one that brought her yet more media attention.

It didn't work and the social work filth were still determined to seize the child, so Fran left for a destination in Europe. From her place of refuge she now pores scorn on the filth that once she had to try and butter-up, and that same filth are trying to entice her back to the UK with all sorts of promises that this writer doesn't believe for a moment that they will keep. They have to get Fran and her daughter Molly back, otherwise other people may become defiant as well.

That said, the lack of a gagging order means that the videos are coming out thick and fast. People are getting the message that the social work filth can be taken on and beaten.

The agitprop value of what Vanessa Brookes did cannot be overestimated, hoever it did not force the creatures who had so tormented her into backing off. A better strategy was needed, and that is where Fran Lyon came in. By leaving the UK before her child was born she ensured that her cause continues to be debated today.



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