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04 February 2008
Social work filth kidnap another child
The baby was just two hours old when social work filth kidnapped him. He was dragged from his mother's arms at 4.00am and spirited away by these creatures, these vampires who do their work in dead of night. Luckily the mother had retained council in anticipation of this vileness being performed and her lawyer immediately obtained a high court injunction that returned the new born to his mother. Mr Justice Munby ruled that the social work filth "should have known better" than to seize a child without any court order at all.

However, nobody must challenge the authority of the social work filth: the filth gives the orders and woe betide anyone who dares to challenge their power. They scrambled to a country court and found a judge who would return the baby to their loathsome clutches.

The filth have now said that they will "continue to prioritise the baby's welfare and continuing support for his mother". Translated into simple English the filth now wish to run the mother's life for her as well as her baby's. How else are we to read this insolent guff from what is nothing more than a coven of lower middle-class polytechnic scum?

The mother has been promised a decision later in the year, and her lawyers are working on her behalf, so the filth may not achieve a final victory. However, in the meantime the social work filth who were involved in this atrocity will be able to sit back and congratulate each other. For the moment defiance has been crushed. Obedience enforced. All power to the social work filth.

Cheers to Anonymous at this posting for the tip. Readers should also consider the comments left at this Daily Telegraph account.



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