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11 February 2008
Social work filth force mother and child into exile
I have never blogged about a hero and heroine before, but I am doing it now. I don't know their names or where they used to live. All I know is that the heroine is a mother to two children who now lives in exile abroad. Her husband is the father to a daughter that he has never seen and he gave up his liberty for his step-son. As I write he is serving a a 16 month term of imprisonment. This is their story...

The operation was planned with military precision. It had to be as the social work filth were planning to force a mother to give up her eight-year-old son to a forced adoption. Time was of the essence because the mother, then pregnant with her second child, had been told by the filth that this new life would be seized the moment it emerged from her womb.

Pregnant as she was, the brave woman crept to her son's school and told him of the plan; she whispered it into his ear through the playground fence. The boy, who was a valiant as you might expect given the genes that he had inherited from his magnificent mother, kept quiet and crept quietly from the foster home were the social work filth had placed him against his mother's wishes.

This is where the husband comes into our story. He had a car waiting outside and he drove hell for leather to Paris. Leaving his family there he returned to face the music in England.

At his trial for daring to question the authority of the filth, the judge pontificated that: "Such proceedings taken by a local authority must be respected by parents".

There we have it: as this blog has said many times before, this is about power; about subjugation; about forcing people to obey the edicts of the all powerful social work filth.

However, have they overreached themselves this time? The reason I ask is that this is not a poor family living on a council estate. The husband is a businessman and his wife was described in the Daily Telegraph's report as "a professional". The Telegraph is usually pretty careful with its language, and probably wouldn't use that concept to describe a schoolteacher, council manageress or similar pathetic lower-middle-class creature grasping for status. The wife is likely to be a true professional, a doctor, lawyer or university don. What that means is that both she and her husband are probably going to be the very articulate type of people that newspapers and television most enjoy interviewing.

Will this couple act as the symbol? Will the husband write letters from his prison cell and hang the consequences? Will his wife be calling press conferences from wherever her place of refuge is? Actions like that are what we need if popular outrage is to be thoroughly awakened. That said, and given everything that has happened to this couple, we cannot expect too much from them.

However, we can hope.

Update, 4.30am:

The mother has been in touch with the Daily Mail to report on her life as an exile. Her daughter was born in November of last year and since then the mother and her two children have been changing addresses somewhere in Europe every two weeks. If caught and returned to the UK she faces seven years in jail for her defiance: people, this lady needs help.



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