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22 February 2008
Serbs torch American embassy

It's been quite a long time since anyone torched an American embassy, so all credit to the people of Belgrade for their efforts last night. They only managed to destroy the visa section, which means that there is plenty left that can go up in flames next time.

While the crowd was doing its thing the police were off on their tea break or something. This has led the Americans to claim that they will hold Serbia responsible. How, pray, are they going to do that? With an army that is bogged down in both Iraq and Afghanistan there is nothing that the USA can do other than rage impotently.

What's the betting that the next flashpoint will be within Kosovo itself? Not a war, but one step below that level. Riots, demonstrations and lots and lots of rocks and petrol bombs tossed in the direction of the occupiers. That kind of thing.

If the occupiers overreact and Serbs get injured or killed, that will increase the pressure on Russia to do something to aid Serbia. If the situation remains at simmering point then the westerners will eventually realise that no solution is possible and that they will have to remain their forever.

As the American recession bites deeper, with no end in sight to the wars that the USA is already waging, the possibility looms that Washington may hand off the problem of occupied Serbia to the European Union.

Quite what will happen then is anyone's guess, but a settlement on Serbia's terms will have moved a large step forward.

Update: You really need to read Svetlana's account of all this, and her caustic comments on the American protest. As she says, "Serbia is just getting warmed up".

My favorite part was when the US ambassador suggested that Serbia was acting against International Law by allowing it to occur. Man thats a good one, I didn't know the US employed comedians to government positions... then again look at Bush jr.

22 February 2008 at 06:08  

I'm amused that CBS is so ludicrously incompetent that their map features an Independent Kosovo but Montenegro is still a part of Serbia.

Jesus Christ what Dumb Fucks run the so called Greatest Country in the World.

22 February 2008 at 08:19  

USA will do everything not to be forced to leave Serbian territory. And that spells the Camp Bondsteel gulag, biggest since Vietnam and a tight lock where the AMBO pipelines from the Black sea are supposed to cross before Albanian harbours.

I do hope that the US-fascist would dare to meet Serbian resistance at the ground. The outcome of that kind of a clear message to the Russians that Serbia is serious about it, will undoubtly get them involved and the fascist-satanic-nwo forces out.

22 February 2008 at 13:45  

Magnificent irony if they managed to destroy the visa section. That'll be a bit unfortunate for those Serbs, a lot of them probably the same people, who are waiting with their tongues hanging out for a US visa...

22 February 2008 at 20:54  

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