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20 February 2008
Serbian response to Kosovo beomes clearer
Good news out of Serbia - the Serbs have burned two Kosovo border posts and followed this up by sending up to 1,000 police into the breakaway province's border area. The reaction from the western powers who have troops in Kosovo has been one of surprise that the Serbs could do such a thing.

If the Serbs get away with this then they will probably be able to grab the chunk of Kosovo that runs up to the River Ibar. If the western troops are sent in to clear them out, then the Serbs will probably vanish back across the border to wait for another opportunity.

The only thing that is clear at the moment is that Serbia has decided to play a long game of cat and mouse with the west to force them to keep large number of troops deployed in Kosovo for years to come.

I am not a gambling man, but if I was, I would bet that the west will lose interest in this game before the Serbs.

I can´t imagine a NATO aggression against Serbian protesters "violent" or not, can you?

As Serbia´s KosovO minister said, "It may not be nice but it is legitimate". Resisting occupation and €Urofascist land grab is always legitimate, by all means.

The NATO occupation forces sent to the scene were americans stopping angry Serbian truckers from entering the south serbian republic. If they, the american inbreed idiots from middle-west somewhere, starts shooting at serbs just imagine what will happen!

20 February 2008 at 12:47  

The point is, at least for those of us who aren't fascist obsessives (the Black Hand, incidentally, was a clearly fascist terrorist organisation largely devoted to killing other Serbs who didn't agree with them), that people should be able to decide for themselves what sort of regime they want to live under. If the Serbs occupy the largely Serbian areas of northern Kosovo, I don't suppose anybody will try to clear them out. I've always assumed the Serbs will occupy the area north of the river, and good luck to them. I have no more interest in the "territorial integrity" of Kosovo than in the "territorial integrity" of Serbia. And I don't suppose NATO has either.

20 February 2008 at 20:19  

"killing other Serbs who didn't agree with them"

Look, nobody but the Sorosian infected morons cryed when western puppet the tratior Djindjic fell off for kidnapping President Milosevic to the Stalinist show trial i the Hauge. He didnt get much time to enjoy the western blood money at all but he got what he deserved and an eternal shame for his relatives.

Tadic would be more than happy to please his masters by handing out the Serbian soul but in this case he knows he´s fucked and stuck between a rock and a hard place.

These people will always endup in a lightpost somewhere.

20 February 2008 at 20:40  

Well the Black Hand go a bit further back than that. They were active more than 100 years ago - murder of King Aleksandar Obrenovic, for instance, a long time before George Soros was born. Serbian nationalists are fascists, end of story.

Of course Tadic is fucked. He's trying to steer a sensible course while governing a bunch of Nazis, He doesn't stand a chance.

Everybody (except The Exile, who has other motives) hates Serbia because of its behaviour over the last fifteen years. I generally refer to it as Rapist Nation.

You're getting what you deserve, and an eternal shame to your relatives.

20 February 2008 at 21:12  

Ah Cippy the amusing douche bag comes to gloat.

Believe me when I say no people are reviled more than the Imperialist Anglo-Saxons of which you apparently hold common ancestry, so those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

20 February 2008 at 23:38  

cippy the Nazi isn't fed by Soros' crap, he drinks from a far more poisonous stream of Croat Ustasha, a female descendant of which is his personal friend. hence the lingo and equating Serbs with fascists, so common for the hideous Ustashe scum

21 February 2008 at 11:19  

Now this is interesting. I know the Exile likes to keep tabs on people operating on his blog (he knows very well who I am, for instance) but I should be very interested to know who Anonymous is and where he thinks he gets his information from. Unless I have been unusually forgetful, I am not aware of any Croatian female friend, or indeed of any one descended from such. I know several Serbs, but if any of my friends is of Croatian descent, she has concealed it carefully from me. Perhaps Anonymous might enlighten me! If anyone I know has Ustasha roots, I would prefer to know about it.

I know a great deal about the history of World War Two, and have a degree to prove it. I have no time whatsoever for Ustashe and other Nazi collaborators, and have never said a word in their defence. I totally endorse Anonymous's phrase "hideous Ustashe scum".

Before about 1992 my view was that the Serbs had, on the whole, behaved well in the war, I never saw Mihajlovic as a collaborator etc. etc. From the mid-1990s onwards I was well aware of what Serbian irregular forces were doing in Croatia, Bosnia etc., and was also aware of the reluctance of Serbs to distance themselves from this kind of thing for nationalist reasons. History shows that every country that lets its armed forces behave like this ends up losing territory, so why should it be different this time? A lot of women were raped by Serb irregular forces, and thus you have lost most of Kosovo. That's how it goes, friend, and how it will continue to go.

21 February 2008 at 22:38  

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