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21 February 2008
How the social work industry keeps control
On the surface the case of Donna Morrell and Bonita, her baby daughter, seems like a victory for common sense over social work stupidity. However, that is only on the surface.

Donna took baby Belinda to hospital last Christmas Eve because she would not stop crying. In spite of being discharged by the doctors on duty, various social work scum then tried to stop Donna and her father from taking the baby home. When they defied the wishes of the all-powerful social workers the police were sent to their house and the baby ended up back in hospital for four days. Donna and her parents ended up getting arrested and accused of mistreating the baby.

Finally, once everyone but the Morrell family had finished enjoying their Christmas, the doctors declared that that baby had been well treated and the police concluded that there was no case to answer.

However, that is not enough for these social work vermin. They have decided that poor baby Belinda needs her very own lump of social work shit who will call regularly at the house to make sure that the Morrell family understands who is in charge.

Situations like this are now common in Britain. They will remain so until such time as the people decide that they have had enough of fat, lumpen, social work maggots who want to control their lives.



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