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04 February 2008
Blog comments: another excuse to laugh at Gimlet
Here's a rum do: I partially justified my open door comments policy on Friday by saying that it meant that I could look down on the webmongs who don't allow any comments at their gaffs.

Bang on cue up popped the most risible webmong of all, that short-arsed little fucker known as Gimlet Kamm, to announce that he would allow comments at his blog. Amazing coincidence, don't you think?

Will I be taking advantage of this exciting opportunity to spread the word? Probably not, because running two blogs of my own takes up enough time as it is. Entertaining myself at the expense of Gimletish webmongs was something that I used to enjoy doing over at Harry's Place, but I really can't be mithered these days.

Staying on the theme of comments, it will be noticed that Team Gimlet are no longer commenting here. Usually whenever I mentioned the poisonous dwarf at least one of his creatures would arrive, all waggy tailed, to defend the odious cockroach.

Last week we had two or three of them, using different monickers of course, but since I managed to get on Luke's trail there seems to have been a collective clenching of sphincters and they all appear to have wandered off.

It would be nice if Gimlet et al would copy another of my policies which is to only use one monicker. The fact that they don't gives me another reason to laugh at them.



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