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01 February 2008
An anonymong sort of week
The blog seems to have been receiving quite a few visits from the anonymong fraternity over the past few days. Actually, we have had a stream of comments from just one or two people, but we'll get back to that in a moment. Right now let's consider that this mongish behaviour has led to the following plea from David Lindsay, who at least has the decency to only use one screen name:
Do you really have to leave these comments up, The Exile? This is the sort of criminal harassment to which they subjected Neil, although that doesn't seem to have taught them anything.
David made a fair point, but the answer is no. Partly because I don't like censorship, partly also because it means that I can look down from an even greater height on the webmongs who refuse to allow any comments at all on their wankblogs.

The main reason, though, is so that I can have a look and see who is leaving the old wank. In the case of comment six to this posting, the wank seems to have trickled forth from some two-legged cockroach in fucking Cheltenham. I mean, we are talking real arse-wipe territory when we talk about Cheltenham, aren't we? As for the the other postings, the ones that David Lindsay complained about, most come from one ISP in the City of London. We do have a couple of others who may be involved, from sewers like Chelmsford and the like.

So, we have two creatures, both prime examples of the human filth that socialism exist to destroy, giving it gob. Fine... It's not Luke who also calls himself William McB and who works at Napier "University". Luke enjoys wank like this and that is why he likes to go over to HP and leave comments under my monicker and URL. I don't know exactly who Luke is yet, but I've got mates in Edinburgh and they are sniffing around for me. When I get the information then I will go public with it. The student rag will love it, but I'll bet that Luke won't.

As for City boy... That's Gimlet or one of his fucking creatures.It doesn't matter which because Gimlet's in line for some more grief from me.

This brings me to my final reason for leaving these comments where they are. There is only one thing nicer than a good fuck, and that is fucking with cunts like this.



I don't agree with your politics, but I do admire you allowing totally uncensored comments on your blog. People like Oliver Kamm don't allow anybody to comment and dear old Neil censors his before he allows them up.

The fact that you allow uncensored comments on your blog shows you've got a pair and aren't afraid of whoever shows up.

1 February 2008 at 14:06  

What Neil should do is allow open comments to registered users of Blogger. Tracking a registered user is so much easier than an unregistered one.

To a great extent I am not involved in this lunacy. Luke used my screen name and URL to leave comments at HP, but that's fine because I got the links.

I don't like David Lindsay's comment about "criminal harassment" partly because it obviously isn't, but mainly because the moral high ground is with the likes of us at the moment. I just have a horrible feeling that the old bill are going to get dragged in and that is a very bad idea indeed.

End of the day I just enjoy a good ruck.

1 February 2008 at 14:25  

Fair enough. I didn't used to have comment moderation, and it takes up a lot of time while slowing down debate, but I found that it had become necessary because of the activities of these people.

If I may just add a couple more things? They say that I tried to get a regular column on Comment Is Free, which doesn't have any such thing except those that appear in the paper edition of the Guardian.

And if what they say about me both in relation to CiF and in relation to the Spectator is true, then why do both publish me (they are both moderated) several times per day?

The real Martin Miller (presumably) posted a comment on my blog yesterday, asking what I was talking about in the original post on something. I'm hardly likely to ask myself that. Am I?

1 February 2008 at 20:29  

This is all new for me - this moral high ground lark I mean. I think that I can say that this is the first time ever that I have had my arse parked on this spot and the view is pretty amazing.

I can see Luke shitting his load at the thought of what people will say, and the other mates of Gimlet don't seem to be in any hurry to come to his aid.

I said that to Neil when he tried to sue Gimlet. The moral high ground is the place to be, I said. That way you can piss all over the short-arsed little fucker and everyone will nod their heads sagely and say that he had it coming. Had it coming from the moral high grounder, that is.

I should do this moral shit more often.

1 February 2008 at 21:36  

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