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19 January 2008
When you come to the end of a perfect week...
I must admit that this week has been an unexpected pleasure. I never expected when I first wrote about the social work filth back on Tuesday that it would cause such a storm amongst their supporters. The fact that it has suggests to me that these creatures realise that this is an issue that could be used by British working class groups - and that frightens the fuckers.

My postings here even spilled over into that wonderful world of wank known as Harry's Place. Quite how my money blogging negates my politics is something that only a webmong could understand.

The good thing about this as a campaigning issue is that what the issue needs to kick it off is that wonderful oxygen known as publicity. It is the perfect blog issue in other words.

I am going to get in touch with the groups that campaign against the social work filth and the state sponsored kidnapping of working class children. Maybe we can set up a nationwide set of groups in every city and on every council estate to fight the filth?

The thing that we need to remember is that these creatures are only brave when they arrive at people's door with a gang of coppers in tow. If each and every piece of social work filth knew that all their actions would be opposed by the local population, then people will see them shit their loads in fear.

What we need is an issue that will give our people their confidence back. Organising against social work filth may just turn out to be exactly what we have been looking for.



Where's Mormong or whatever he calls himself?

19 January 2008 at 23:01  

He only seems to post during work hours.

19 January 2008 at 23:28  

Mormong - yes, I like that!

He works at Citadel Investment Group in Chicago, but he is British. Best guess is that he is one of those tossers with a an ambition that is too large for his talent. I sought of picture him sat at a desk in a room with lots of others, all trying to prove themselves to their gaffers.

Yeah, only here on weekdays. Probably can't afford a computer in his flat.

20 January 2008 at 00:18  


"Since its founding in 1990, Citadel has grown into one of the world's most sophisticated alternative investment institutions."

OK, so it's a bunch of spivs who have been operating since yesterday - J.P. Morgan it isn't.

Looking around I was amazed that a Chicago based outfit doesn't seem to have any Univ. of Chicago people. I mean, it is a main centre for economics and all that. No Yale either, but one Harvard man who gets lots of play. The rest are from the Univ. of Bumfuck West.

Selling insurance? Cold calling of some type I reckon.

20 January 2008 at 00:30  

Thanks for the heads up exile - this is a hoot:

"A Day in the Life
5:40 a.m. My alarm goes off and wakes me up.
5:49 Jump out of bed and take a morning run. Exercise in the morning helps me be alert and able to hit the ground running for a productive day.
6:50 I catch the “L” to the loop with my roommate, also a graduate of the ITAP program. The train ride is about fifteen minutes — enough time for me to do a quick scan of the Wall Street Journal and discuss the day’s anticipated events with my roommate.
7:30 I grab a bite to eat while talking to our major counterparties about the most important news items of the day. By the time the market opens I’ll have checked all of our holdings that have had earnings come out (and adjust our positions according to how I anticipate their stocks to move in the future), review and tweak various parameters, and go over a new system release with our development team. I check some of our larger positions and make some pre-market stock trades to hedge our directional exposure.
8:30 The market opens and our trade blotters begin scrolling. As a major player in the U.S. options market, we will have made tens of thousands of trades by the end of the day. Making markets in more than 1,500 names stretches the small group of traders, but backed by superior technology and quantitative resources, we are well equipped to handle the volume of trades.
9:30 I discuss a potential volatility trade with another member of the team, taking into account our quantitative models as well as fundamental information and recent events. The desk’s traders manage existing positions accumulated by electronically quoting, as well as originating trade ideas. We execute our trades as well, either electronically or with one of our counterparties.
1:30 p.m. As our interest rate exposure grows, I hedge using a variety of financial instruments. So many factors affect the prices of the options we trade, which adds a layer of complexity to what we do.
3:02 The options market closes two minutes after the equity markets. I meet with our software developers to help them in implementing a new application I have designed to enhance our risk-management capabilities. More than just trading options, members of the desk work closely with Information Technology and Quantitative Research teams to improve the way we trade.
5:00 The traders meet with the Quantitative Research group to discuss a new model. We are briefed on the intricacies of the implementation as well as the specific types of situations it best addresses, providing feedback from our own observations in the market. Later, we discuss ideas for improving our existing strategy, while also brainstorming potential new strategies for our team.
7:30 I meet a few friends for dinner in Greek town - one of my favorite areas for ethnic food in Chicago. Afterward I’ll hop on the “L” for a ride home, review an economics paper I’ve been meaning to read, and relax. Tomorrow’s a busy day."

Now tell me, does that read like a job, or the devotions of a Moonie cult member?

Never mind, I've seen plenty of enthusiastic young go-getters like this suddenly contract 'mystery illnesses' when it dawns on them they're being reamed. It usually happens around the age of thirty. But in the meantime, this one seeks self-affirmation by pretending to know it all...

20 January 2008 at 11:39  

Fuck, I missed that one, thanks.

20 January 2008 at 17:59  

If they all work like that, how come this one can find so much free time to hang around the blogs?

20 January 2008 at 18:34  

Now that is a very interesting question... I reckon that his job is cold calling and when his boss isn't around he wanders around the blogs.

20 January 2008 at 20:43  

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