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04 January 2008
Still sleepwalking towards war in Kosovo?
The looming crisis that began when the west waged its war against Yugoslavia in 1999 will probably come to a head next month if, as expected, Kosovo declares its independence. The immediate problem seems to be one of wishful thinking. Either hoping that if we don't talk about Kosovo then it will all go away, or the belief that the Serbs will see reason and just accept the dismemberment of their country.

Let's suppose that the problem doesn't go away and that the Serbs refuse to acquiesce in the west's desires - what then?

We could be within a month or so of war in Europe. That is the bottom line: and nobody is talking about it.

Unlike 1999, this time around Washington, London and Berlin will not have things all their own way. Quite a few ostensible allies may decide to sit this one out, which means that if only Serbia can get a clear, public message of support from Russia, then the aggressors may back down.

Never has Russia been more important than she is today.

That was a brilliant post - if terrifying. You're right to be worried. Kosovo is going to pit East against West all over again.

I'm a supporter of Kosovo's independence - I believe Serbia has no moral or historical authority to claim the province.

However, if Kosovo gets it's independence, it will give authority to other regions to start planning to 'do a Chechnya' and that will put us all in a frightening position.

The Russian bear is growing it's teeth back. Brrrrrr.

4 January 2008 at 15:58  

"no moral or historical authority to claim the province"

What do you know abot Balkan history to claim that? By what you have heard on Brittish Bullhit Corp The Sun or CNN?

That kind of total ignorance and stupidity is exactly why we are SLEEPWALKING into war, yet again....

And by the way, i claim that you have no moral right to your own living-room so i will invite all my friends and there is nothing you can do about it, IDIOT!

4 January 2008 at 16:47  

I read books, Anonymous. You might want to try it.

4 January 2008 at 19:10  

Don't pay much attention to LoL and Buffoon he keeps saying that he reads history but he has yet to post anything of value, the majority of what he has written so far has been debunked, that whole Moral or Historical Shpiel has been parroted many times before him without any real facts to back it up.

He willfully ignores the fact that Kosovo has had a Serbian Majority population up until WW2 He constantly talks about the Battle of Kosovo Polje as if Kosovo itself was torn from Serbia then when it is all too common knowledge that All of Serbia was occupied by the Ottoman Turks at that time.

He also never talks about the Historical Evidence Embodied by the Churches that dot the Kosovo landscape.

He's but an annoying fly, you only waste your energy trying to swat his tiny ass when it would make more sense to ignore him, he'll eventually go back to feasting on whatever fesces his ignorant kind live on.

4 January 2008 at 19:47  

But that's simply not true! Kosovo had a majority Albanian/Muslim population long, long before the 19th century began - and certainly before WW2.

Census from the Kosovski vilajet in the 1870's confirm that the majority of the population was Albanian and Muslim - hardly surprising after centuries of Ottoman rule.

During the Great Serbian Retreat of 1915, the Albanian population cheered in the streets, considering the retreat of the Serbian invaders to be a liberation.

Before World War 2, even after aggressive resettlement by Serbs, the population never fell below 65% Albanian - according to the censuses of the time.

For hundreds of years, Kosovo has had a majority Albanian population. It's a historical fact.

There's even a report by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts that mentions heavy Albanian and Muslim colonization of Kosovo (outnumbering the ethnic serbs) during the 1600's, which neatly blows your proposturous claim that Serbs were the majority up until WWII.

I'd sooner believe Serbian scholars than an anonymous commenter like yourself.

4 January 2008 at 21:35  

Here's something that's quite interesting - Wikipedia has an article on the Demographics of Kosovo.

And I'll meet you half way - according to this the Albanian population only became a majority for sure in the 19th Century (the earlier 'majority' being 'land occupied by Albanians' which was 57%. Either this post is wrong, my article from the Serbian Academy was wrong or I misinterpreted the majority percentage.)

This article on Wikipedia still matches what I've said - that 90% (well, okay, the post says 88%) are currently Albanian and the number of Albanians in Kosovo has never fallen below 65% AT ANY POINT in the 20th Century.


4 January 2008 at 22:08  

Agree with you anon II not much of a "discussion" with an illiterate CNN-junkie...

Kosovo, for a starters, is Serbian and means "Black bird" or "black-bird field". The word Kosovo or even it´s albanian bastardization with an "a" at the end means absolutely nothing in Albanian, occupied just like the serbian provinse it self.

Beside an over-population of Albanians, originally from Albania back when Yugoslavia gave them refuge from dictator Hoxa and a miserable poor life and som other millions "invited" by KLA and CIA, you can´t find much historic remnants of "albanian culture" here (you CAN find a devastated land full of albanian litter and garbage).

But even if the grateful Albanians have done their best to kill Serbs, bomb serbian churches monasteries and graveyards and the German and american "peace-keepers" (occupiers) done their best to look the other way, there are thousands of them left, some 800 years old some even older.

Kosovo will not only be a headace for the €Uro-facists €U and their kriegs-fuherer Jaap de whatever Scheffer, but it´s fall just like Austria-hungary before them.

5 January 2008 at 09:33  

Ah, yes. In the face of overwhelming fact there's nothing more powerful that ANGRY, IMPOTENT RHETORIC!

Good for you!

And I'm sure there are no problems in Kosovo that a sustained period of aggressive ethnic cleaning can't fix!

5 January 2008 at 15:17  

You mean the etnic cleansing of Serbs and Goranis?.

Yes sure. A intollrent etnic cleansed maffia-"state" for Squip´s only. The Orcs couldn´t have done it better and with western help of course...

Just flatten out a thousand year old culture and replace it with mud and a terror state of lojal clients, pretty much like Iraq...

5 January 2008 at 16:32  

Anonymous, history has shown that Ethnic Cleansing is the game any ethnicity can play! Nobody's claiming the ethnic Albanians haven't done their share of it in the past.

5 January 2008 at 17:33  

Don't bother, Roland. There's no point in arguing with fascists and swivel-eyed nationalists. Let 'em rant. If we heard a bit more from sane Serbs we might not hate them all so much. There must b a few somewhere.

5 January 2008 at 20:51  

Sorry Cippy there are no "Sane" Serbs by your Definition of the Word, we refuse to hate ourselves as you would wish or to give in to anyone.

Also Loland that is the entire point, no one has any "moral" authority to any land anywhere because every Ethnic group has done "their share" of Ethnic Cleansing.

I don't see the point in Arguing with you two buffoons, my advice was to ignore you in the first place, this is the internet, we say what we say and you say what you say in the end nothing happens, no one will cross over into the other camp.

As far as Kosovo is concerned the West will have to take it and destroy their international laws in the process.

They will be lighting up all of Europe with their actions I for one will enjoy watching the EU squirm as it tries to put out the wild fires it'll start. The Basque Regions, Scotland, Bosnia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Moldova, Wallonia and Flanders will break up.

As for the US it will eventually run out of money, they can't keep printing it forever, then that Great Behemoth will fall. Maybe we'll get some peace after WW4 if anyone is left alive.

6 January 2008 at 08:44  

Point taken, but whatever happens:

Serbs won´t accept more western humiliation even if NATO/€U occupation forces go for another terror bombing round and another Stalinist show "tribunal" in Haag. The Sorosian infected minds are fading away, lies are exposed.

Russia won´t stand by either because Russia is not ruled by jewish oligharchs and a drunken retard doing IMF`S Washington & Tel Avivs bidding anymore.

The €Urofascists are locked between a rock and a hard place and they have already burn their bridges....

6 January 2008 at 12:23  

Ah, the old "Jewish oligarchs" taking orders from Tel Aviv. I knew we'd get round to them in the end. Well, we know where we are now. Thanks for the clarification.

6 January 2008 at 19:12  

Sorry, guys. In amongst all the ethnic cleansing I never gave you lot a chance to throw in some good old fashioned anti semitism.

7 January 2008 at 01:46  

Loland, although I'm not anti-semitic, one can understand why some would be, considering the Clinton administration propped up Madeline Halfbright as the head War Monger of the US' Balkan Theatre.

Then again who gives a shit, the Kosovar Albanians actually cleansed Kosovo of all its Jews after NATO and the UN came in, but thats just par for the course right? They are entitled to be Judenfrei by your standards then right?

7 January 2008 at 06:09  

Drawing the "anti semitic"cards are we?

Anti-what? anti 5% jews or 95% non-jew-semites? Make your mind up please!

This is pure facts and im not going to hide a significant group of interests in this matter, why should i? If the robber-oligarchs where 95% Palestinians or Maya-indians i would tell you but they are not and except two of them , the murderer Beredzovsky who found "refuge" in London and another who got caught in Russia, they all went to the apartheid-state in the middle-east, who by the way, call Russia "anti-semitic" for wanting them extradited......

7 January 2008 at 15:20  

Hey, don't blame me. I still left you with your 'it's a global conspiracy against the Serbs and every history book ever written that says different is just western propoganda' card and you can play that one any time you want.

Oh, shit. You already did.

Looks like we're at an en passe, mon chef.

7 January 2008 at 19:11  

Yes of course i should hav known, anyone who dont parrot CNN-FOX-BBC & Co-history lesson belives by any standard, in "conspiracies"...

War is peace.....

7 January 2008 at 19:28  

FOX? And CNN? And the BBC? Reporting the same news?

Hhahahahahaha hahaha hahhahahaha hahaha hahhahahaha hahaha hahhahahaha hahaha hahhhahaha hahhahahaha ahahaha hahaha hahhahahaha hahaha hahhahahaha!!!!!

**wipes tea from eye**


8 January 2008 at 19:13  

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