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12 January 2008
Six Nations' Tournament Official Website
Are you ready for the Six Nations Tournament 2008? If you are already limbering up for the opening games next month then you will probably already know that you can get all the Six Nations rugby news at the official website.

If you didn't know that then you are really missing out on all the latest Six Nations news. There are sections for each team, as well as a full list of fixtures and the stadia where they will be played. There are even sections for the under 18's, under 20's and the women's teams. Did I mention that there are also plenty of games and podcasts that will keep any rugby fan entertained from now until all the games are over?

If you haven't visited the tournament site then you really can't call yourself a Rugby Union fan. The games kick off on the 2nd February, but your kick off starts right now at the Six Nations Tournament 2008 official website.
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