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25 January 2008
More evidence that the Iraqis are holding their own
Here's a thing from Juan Cole - the Iraqi resistance was busy stockpiling weapons in an abandoned building when someone tipped off the puppet government. Before anyone could mount a raid, the resistance blew the building up.

What this means is that the resistance can actually stockpile an arsenal and that suggests to me that the areas under their control are larger than the Americans want to admit.

We should also wonder at the level of their military intelligence. Very well, the Americans were able to find out about the arsenal, but the guerrillas were then able to destroy it before a raid could take place.

Remember the old rule of warfare like this: the guerrilla wins by not losing; the conventional force loses by not winning.

The guerrillas are winning this war. They will outlast the enemy.

What you neglected to mention, Exile, is that the explosion by the "resistance" killed a lot of women and children:

As Cole puts it, "so they blew up the arms warehouse to deny it to their foes [eh? The US army would want to use their crappy IEDs???]. It blasted surrounding apartment buildings, killing 17 persons and wounding 132, including women and children."

If that is what you believe constitutes "winning" in Iraq and "liberating" the country, then you are even madder than you've up til now appeared.

25 January 2008 at 19:56  

And that somehow negates my points? It means that the guerrillas do not have a good intelligence service? It means that they couldn't stock weaponry in the first place, right under the enemies' noses?

Best stick to flogging insurance...

25 January 2008 at 22:09  

It means that they couldn't stock weaponry in the first place, right under the enemies' noses?

Er, yes, it does. When they tried to do so, the local population informed on them and they were forced to destroy their own armaments.

I guess they did so with an explosion, killing lots of locals, to punish them for being "rats"?

26 January 2008 at 00:00  

What evidence do you have to suggest that this was the only arsenal? Non, of course, you just made that one up - just like you made up the notion that it was "the community" rather than an informer that spilled the beans.

Actually, given the numbers of American scum that are still going home in body bags, it looks to me as if the Iraqis have more than enough weaponry to keep this war going, and going and going some more.

Which is the point that I was making. Pity you can't read, isn't it?

26 January 2008 at 03:17  

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