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09 January 2008
McCain & Clinton win New Hampshire primaries

John McCain and Hilary Clinton have won their respective primaries in New Hampshire. I must be honest and say that I was worried that Ron Paul might have done well for the GOP, but the smear campaign seems to have done the trick. I was also worried about Barack Obama increasing his Iowa lead, but that obviously hasn't happened.

There is still a long way to go, but the tentative conclusion is that the War Party will field McCain and Clinton as its two candidates in the November election. If that happens then it is safe to bet that over half the population will not turn out to vote, and that the wars will go on. Clinton has made noises about reducing the troop numbers in Iraq, but she voted for the war in the first place, has voted consistently to fund it ever since, and has never claimed that she would end it completely. McCain for his part has consistently said that he will continue the war against Iraq, so The Exile's endorsement goes to him.

Why do I want a knuckle-dragging moron like that in the White House? Well, for the past eight years we have had an even bigger knuckle-dragging moron and he has damaged America's economy badly. The fear must be that a centrist would take power who would cut military spending and try to repair that damage. McCain is the one least likely to do that.

Let America fight. Fight until her economy cracks and the fuckers can fight no more. Fight until she is bankrupted and exhausted and her vile shadow has been lifted from all our lives.

Vote McCain, America.

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