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18 January 2008
Internal Colonialism Part Three
This week has turned into a long attack on the social work industry and the two-legged cockroaches who work for it. Going back to what became the first essay in this series, it is possible that the week's work has only served to reinforce the argument that was put forward then. Namely that it would make good political sense for a working class political body to use the social work filth as a rallying point for political action.

Why do I suggest doing over the social work industry? Basically because they are the most doable. They are loathed by just about every working person, especially the women who have children. The issue of the state kidnapping working class children and giving them up for adoption to middle class families should be one tailor made for any working class organisation.

An attack on them is not only an act of liberation for us, but it can be presented in the very positive way that these creatures consume resources without producing anything of value in return. We could go on and consider all the derelict factories, mills and mines where our people want to work and then point out that the budget that a city wastes each year on social work filth could be spent on reopening some of those plants.

If the ideology is presented in that light, namely that we are removing parasitic leaches, and using the money saved to create hope for our own futures, then we could be onto a political winner with such a strategy.



What about the workers? See my blog.

20 January 2008 at 23:26  

I saw it, David. What you want is a corporatist world that has a place for the very people that I want to see reduced to penury.

Socialism is about collectivising the economy and ensuring that the producers of wealth are its main consumers. That point is so basic that it should not need to be said.

However, you cannot reach that stage whilst you still have a large parasitic middle class consuming resources.

Sorry, the reckoning comes first. For those reasons I don't support your notions.

21 January 2008 at 04:01  

Still, I've managed to get a whole new post out of a particularly ludicrous and telling New Labour comment.

21 January 2008 at 17:34  

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