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09 January 2008
Gimlet Kamm still can't get the plot
Insomnia is a terrible thing, but sometimes it has its good points. One of them came up a few moments ago when I read Gimlet's latest wankfest. Basically the short-arsed little fucker has decided to join in the smear campaign against Ron Paul.

No, I can't fucking believe it, either. He only decided to go and link to the most idiotic smear of all - one that even Fox News won't carry! This particular smear merchant has been comprehensively used as an arse wipe by just about every bugger, but most effectively by this bloke. I mean, I gave out that link in my last posting!

Gimlet, I know you read my stuff, so I just want to tell you that this is why we laugh at you. It's not just that you are a short-arsed little fucker. It's not just that you couldn't get shags at Oxford. It's that we genuinely enjoy laughing at pathetic little mongs like you who think that they are clever.

That's what it is Gimlet.



When it comes to Kamm, I have a lot of sympathy with you, Exile. The great thing about American capitalism is it's relative lack of contamination by socialist thinking. Someone in Kamm's position would express their humanitarianism in inoffensive ways, by good works and charitable donations. Instead we have a cartoon version of Tony Crosland.

10 January 2008 at 15:55  

Yeah, but Crosland was right wing Labour. He believed in nationalisation and the primacy of democratic production - that the producers should control.

My desire to shit all over Gimlet has two roots:

1. The little fucker wants to take the concept of socialism and use it for his own class end. He can call himself a liberal or radical and I wouldn't bother. He calls himself a socialist and supports capitalism. You see the problem?

2. The little fucker forgot his place and insulted me. Middle class filth don't do that to me.

10 January 2008 at 18:13  

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