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17 January 2008
Fidel is back!

Fidel is back and looking very sprightly indeed for a man of 81. The 50th anniversary of the entry into Havana is next New Year's Day - what's the betting that the old warhorse will be there to celebrate? Across the Florida Straights the losers of 50 years ago will howl like dogs, but they are in Miami and can't do shit.

99% of the Cuban population would join the "losers" in Miami if they had a chance -- that's why Castro's regime has to machine-gun those fleeing the island in their pathetic little boats.

The reason for this is that the standard of living, not to mention freedoms, of Cubans living in Miami is about a gazillion times better than Cubans in Cuba.

People like you just pay lip service to the Revolution -- that's why you moved to capitalist Mexico and not socialist Cuba when you emigrated from the UK. That really shows some proletarian solidarity, doesn't it?

17 January 2008 at 21:04  

Oh, Bollocks, even the fucking CIA admits that most Cubans are happy in Cuba.

17 January 2008 at 22:54  

So why don't you move there, Exile? I mean, it's a socialist country and you are socialist, right? Don't you want to contribute to the construction of a progressive country? Why choose capitalist Mexico over communist Cuba? It seems to indicate bad faith ...

18 January 2008 at 00:01  

Because, stupid, I do not have a residence permit and could not get one. I have one for Mexico because I married a Mexican.

I am here because I could not find a bastard job in the UK. If I have to be on my beam end at least the weather is nicer in DF than Manchester.

I will, however, be back in the UK soon and if I can get well then a mate reckons he can get me a bastard job as a forkie.

18 January 2008 at 03:13  

Because, stupid, I do not have a residence permit and could not get one.

Sounds to me like communist Cuba isn't much different to capitalist Everywhere.

Do you imagine there are no bosses in Cuba that you have to grovel to? Of course there are, there are bosses on every street corner who will report you to the police for saying the wrong things. And in the factories, if you don't work hard enough, they will send you off to be "re-educated".

Yes, long live Castro. And long live Western wanna-be intellectuals who don't have to practice what they preach.

18 January 2008 at 16:13  

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