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14 January 2008
The Campaign For Public Ownership
Journalist Neil Clark has set up a new pressure group called The Campaign For Public Ownership. He has already started the publicity ball rolling with a story in yesterday's Sunday Express, and I for one think that this is a worthwhile campaign that you should get involved in if you live in the UK.

I must be honest and say that the website is pretty basic. Neil is using one of Blogspot's free templates, but I don't think that a blog format is the right one for this type of campaign. That said, he has assured his readers that the existing site is only temporary and a full website - hopefully on its own domain - will be going up soon.

It would be a good idea if Neil and his friends could tell us how they actually plan to campaign for this goal. Obviously they will try to influence the political parties, but how will they do that? I hope that the campaign doesn't get sidetracked by one of the smaller parties, as it really needs to get to work on the three existing national parties, plus the Scots and Welsh Nationalists.

The good news is that the CPO seems to have made the railways their first target. That privatisation was never popular, so working to undo it makes sense. If they succeed with that, then they can move onto the utilities and try to get gas, water and electricity back under democratic control.

I wish the Campaign For Public Ownership the very best of luck: this is a battle worth fighting.

I'm not into public ownership of utilities, but in the case of the railways privatisation was a DISASTER. Even the capitalist centre of the world, New York, has a Public Corporation (the MTA) running their public transport and it does it well, provides affordable and reliable service AND manages to be a self-sustaining profitable business.

Trains are more than just a business. There're part of a country's infrastructure.

In the states, private electricity, phone and cable has helped drive down prices through competition. On the railways, you just can't do that because there's only ONE track.

14 January 2008 at 15:52  

Infrastructure? What are you, some kinda damn CARMEWNIST or something?

15 January 2008 at 11:56  

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