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30 January 2008
Special Icecream
This short video seems to be going all around Mexico. Watch it for yourself and see why.

What on earth could this bloke be looking at - and why is his girlfriend so keen to stop him?

If you are at work, just click on the photo to start the video playing. At home you might want to right-click and choose "save as..." because this is a video that you are going to want to pass around.

Trust me it's worth it.
29 January 2008
Iraqis cull yet more occupiers
You may not have noticed, but the cull is creeping back up again in Iraq. Just under 40 occupiers will no longer be polluting the country with their presence thanks to Iraq preventative measures.

40 is nothing I hear the warmongers cry, but the latest round of culling takes us to within pissing distance of 4,000 dead for the war as a whole, with the Iraqis showing no signs that they are willing to surrender.

So, as we also reach the five year mark in this conflict, the question for the warmongers is quite simple: are you ready for another five years? How about ten?
28 January 2008
Ken Livingstone For Mayor!
I was chatting on Skype to a friend who lives just outside London last night, and the conversation turned to upcoming elections in May for the Mayor of Greater London. I pointed out that many of the warmongering "left" are cheerfully attacking the incumbent mayor, Ken Livingstone. My friend replied that "a man is known by the enemies he makes," which I thought was quite a good one-liner.

When you think about the enemies that Livingstone has made they tend to be the same cockroaches who cheered on the war against Iraq. That war has little to do with this local election, but the wheeze seems to be to hope that Boris Johnson can defeat Livingstone - and then select an out and out warmonger as Labour's candidate in 2012.

Actually, we agreed last night, that Boris isn't a bad bloke, and he does have the redeeming feature of being absolutely bone-idle. As mayor he would probably do no harm, but Livingstone has done some positively good things for the city.

So we have old friend Boris who we happen to like versus a man who annoys the people who cheered on a war that killed almost 200 British soldiers.

Let's hope that Boris comes in as a credible second to Ken Livingstone:

A man is known by the enemies he makes. . . And can be judged accordingly.
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25 January 2008
New blog on the roll: David Lindsay
Insomnia being that terrible thing I decided to kill some time by adding David Lindsay to my link list.

David's politics are one-nationish, which is to say they are far removed from mine. That said his heart is in the right place, and he uses his blog to set out his own ideas. Agree with him or disagree with him, David manages to annoy the same people as Neil Clark and myself, so that puts him on the side of the angels in my book.

(Read the comments if you want to know why this posting is indexed as "Gimlet 01".)


More evidence that the Iraqis are holding their own
Here's a thing from Juan Cole - the Iraqi resistance was busy stockpiling weapons in an abandoned building when someone tipped off the puppet government. Before anyone could mount a raid, the resistance blew the building up.

What this means is that the resistance can actually stockpile an arsenal and that suggests to me that the areas under their control are larger than the Americans want to admit.

We should also wonder at the level of their military intelligence. Very well, the Americans were able to find out about the arsenal, but the guerrillas were then able to destroy it before a raid could take place.

Remember the old rule of warfare like this: the guerrilla wins by not losing; the conventional force loses by not winning.

The guerrillas are winning this war. They will outlast the enemy.
24 January 2008
The lies that led to war: the truth is now emerging
The chant was "Blair lied and soldiers died," but now the full truth about the lies that led to war is starting to emerge. From Washington we have the amazing news that the chimp told at least 935 bare-faced porkies in the run up to the war against Iraq. In London, the government has been ordered to hand over the "dodgy dossier" that helped Blair dupe people into believing that war was necessary.

None of this will help bring back to life the almost 200 soldiers that Britain has lost, but it should help to persuade people not to believe a word that the political class says to them ever again.
23 January 2008
Russia issues yet more warnings over Kosovo
My sense of humour, which was on such fine form last night, suddenly evaporated when I read this comment by Yuri Baluyevsky, chief of the Russian General Staff:
We do not intend to attack anyone, but we consider it necessary for all our partners in the world community to clearly understand that to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia and its allies, military forces will be used, including preventively, including with the use of nuclear weapons.
Now, it doesn't come much clearer than that, does it? That bit about sovereignty and territorial integrity, came through load and clear. As did the reminder that Russia is a nuclear power.

This is obviously about Serbia. Russia is reminding the globalists that their writ will not run there for much longer.

Is anybody listening, or are they busy cuddling up to one another and persuading each other that Russia will be reasonable when the time comes?
22 January 2008
Iraq & Gimlet Kamm: both are now a laugh a minute
Staying on the lighter theme for another night, it occurred to me that we hadn't had a laugh at the Iraqi quagmire for quite some time. Most of the warmongers have had the common sense to leave will alone in the hope that we would all forget, but luckily we have Gimlet Kamm to remind us of just how fucking stupid they all were and are. In his latest load of old wank the short-arsed little fucker claims:
I supported the Iraq war and would do so again. It was - to invoke Talleyrand's terminology - neither a crime nor a blunder to overthrow a gangster regime that was in breach of the UN security council resolutions (among many others) that marked the conditions for ceasefire in the first Gulf war in 1991. But it was nearly a failure. Culpable negligence by the Bush administration left post-Saddam Iraq without a functioning state. The combined forces of Baathism and jihadism (grotesquely lauded by some columnists on this newspaper as the "resistance") opportunistically filled that vacuum, with unmitigated barbarism and an appalling civilian death toll.
He goes on to claim that that war is now winnable, but that is just the icing on the cake for me. The above paragraph is the clincher: Gimlet, the pathetic little maggot, has lost it all over again.

Let's take this wank spurt by spurt, shall we? First, the overthrow of the regime. Sorry, Gimlet, but Tony Blair himself tried that line on the Commons, saying: "Saddam Hussein and his sons would still be ruling Iraq... And that is why I took the stand I did." Unfortunately for Blair, one of the few remaining true Labour MPs, the great Bob Wareing was in the chamber, and Bob rose to ask the fuckboy to "explain his statement to this House on February 25 2003 when he said, 'Even now, today, we are offering Saddam the prospect of voluntarily disarmament through the UN. I detest his regime but even now he could save it by complying with the UN's demand'?"

The little cockroach had no answer. The Fettes fuckboy sat back in his seat and made no answer. He had no answer to give because the pretty boy was beat. It was one of the great Parliamentary exchanges of my lifetime. It ranks second only to Jeremy Thorpe's jibe that Harold MacMillan had given up his friends for his life as political theatre, but the effect was worse for Blair. Supermac shrugged off Thorpe's charge, but the blood drained from Blair's face and he was smashed into silence by Wareing's simple sentence.

Now, let's turn to the United Nations. The chimp claimed, with Tony, his ever loyal poodle yapping happily along, that if the UN did not give the green light for aggression, then the UN would be "irrelevant". Now that is what the smirking simian fucking well said so why shouldn't we believe him? Very well, since the UN did not give the green light then by definition it is no longer relevant to the Iraqi debate. Besides, that failure to bow down to globalist aggression meant that the debate over what Iraq had and had not done became moot: as the French had already pointed out, the first UN vote was not meant as a trigger for war. Ergo the USA cannot claim that they were upholding the UN, partly because the UN refused to give them that authorisation, partly because as far as the Americans were concerned, that refusal made the UN as much use as as a spare prick at a wedding. The fuckers can't have it both ways and neither can Gimlet.

What about the idea of American negligence? Well, that was a failure of ideology. Remember, as Gimlet refuses to do that this was going to be a slam-dunk. The aggressors were going to cakewalk into Baghdad, following a short campaign, and they were then going to run the country as Japan had been run after 1945. The Iraqis - who couldn't wait to have a post-modern society all of the very own - were going to love this!

The pre-modern Iraqis basically said the Arabic for "fuck" and "that" and carried on fighting. To stop the Shia from joining in the Sunni based resistance the Americans had to accept al-Sisani's terms and allow an election. That was won on sectarian lines, of course, and the Shia took power. So everything that happened in Iraq isn't the fault of negligence or bad-planning. The Americans had a great plan: they just had it for the wrong people.

Staying on the theme of the resistance, Gimlet really needs to get with the fucking programme here, because the Americans are paying Sunii tribesmen to fight al-Qaida - and turning a blind eye when those nice new Sunii militias fight Shia militias. In other words the guerrillas cannot go from being evil wicked Baathists one day to being heroic defenders of democracy the next, but that's what Gimlet wants. That is because Gimlet is a spaz who is too stupid to see the truth even when it comes up to him, grabs his tiny, unused and still unformed little todger, and says: "Hello, Gimlet, I'm the fucking truth". In this case the fucking truth is that tribal fighters are tribal fighters. They fought the Americans yesterday, but now need American weaponry and space to create their own militias. Tomorrow they could quite easily go back to killing Americans... The enemy of my tribe is my friend - until he becomes my enemy again.

So, victory on the horizon? Not for Britain, that's for sure in spite of what this pathetic little cockroach thinks. Thanks to Neil Clark and his wonderful publicity, the British cannot even save their own collaborators. They hide out like fearful, whipped dogs. They are terrified that the next bullet will be for them - unless the electricity is running in which case they fear that special Black & Decker moment. Women obey Sharia Law and the bodies of those who don't are found floating in the Tigris. That is a British victory? Only in the mind of a short-arsed little fucker named Gimlet Kamm.

Will the Americans win? No, and as a matter of fact they have lost already. The aim, remember, was to have an Iraq that was pro-western, allied to the USA and which exchanged ambassadors with Israel. Hell will freeze over before any of that happens.

A regime will stay in power, saying what America wants, until the Americans finally leave. Then the regime will fall and the collaborators will die - just as they do in Basra.

End of fucking story.


19 January 2008
Week Ending: Nice Trees
Click to enlarge.

See you on Monday!
When you come to the end of a perfect week...
I must admit that this week has been an unexpected pleasure. I never expected when I first wrote about the social work filth back on Tuesday that it would cause such a storm amongst their supporters. The fact that it has suggests to me that these creatures realise that this is an issue that could be used by British working class groups - and that frightens the fuckers.

My postings here even spilled over into that wonderful world of wank known as Harry's Place. Quite how my money blogging negates my politics is something that only a webmong could understand.

The good thing about this as a campaigning issue is that what the issue needs to kick it off is that wonderful oxygen known as publicity. It is the perfect blog issue in other words.

I am going to get in touch with the groups that campaign against the social work filth and the state sponsored kidnapping of working class children. Maybe we can set up a nationwide set of groups in every city and on every council estate to fight the filth?

The thing that we need to remember is that these creatures are only brave when they arrive at people's door with a gang of coppers in tow. If each and every piece of social work filth knew that all their actions would be opposed by the local population, then people will see them shit their loads in fear.

What we need is an issue that will give our people their confidence back. Organising against social work filth may just turn out to be exactly what we have been looking for.


18 January 2008
Internal Colonialism Part Three
This week has turned into a long attack on the social work industry and the two-legged cockroaches who work for it. Going back to what became the first essay in this series, it is possible that the week's work has only served to reinforce the argument that was put forward then. Namely that it would make good political sense for a working class political body to use the social work filth as a rallying point for political action.

Why do I suggest doing over the social work industry? Basically because they are the most doable. They are loathed by just about every working person, especially the women who have children. The issue of the state kidnapping working class children and giving them up for adoption to middle class families should be one tailor made for any working class organisation.

An attack on them is not only an act of liberation for us, but it can be presented in the very positive way that these creatures consume resources without producing anything of value in return. We could go on and consider all the derelict factories, mills and mines where our people want to work and then point out that the budget that a city wastes each year on social work filth could be spent on reopening some of those plants.

If the ideology is presented in that light, namely that we are removing parasitic leaches, and using the money saved to create hope for our own futures, then we could be onto a political winner with such a strategy.


17 January 2008
Fidel is back!

Fidel is back and looking very sprightly indeed for a man of 81. The 50th anniversary of the entry into Havana is next New Year's Day - what's the betting that the old warhorse will be there to celebrate? Across the Florida Straights the losers of 50 years ago will howl like dogs, but they are in Miami and can't do shit.
My Social Work Filth & I

Like all predators the social work filth prey on the very young and the very old. I often think of them as Britain's jackals, with a city substituting for the African plains. My experience of these creatures is limited to their attacks on an elderly man - my father - and should not be used as an example of how a father should defend his child. The reason why I say that is that the filth are looking for any excuse to seize a baby and give him for adoption to creatures of their own class. The tactics that I used to defend my father will probably not work in the case of a child: so be careful before adopting any of them.


I moved to Mexico in 1992, but returned to the UK to job hunt in the middle of 1995. By then my eldest son had been born and he was fretting while I was away so I nipped back to Mexico City and arranged with the wife that I would have him in Manchester with me for an indefinite period.

My dad was then very old and frail, but mentally he kept his faculties right up to the end. He wanted to live in his own house, but unfortunately his increasing deafness had brought him into contact with Oldham's social work filth. That filth wanted him in a nursing home so I took up the cudgels on his behalf.

The main lump of social work filth that used to pollute the air that I breathed was a large lump of human excrement that was so fucking ugly it probably had to get its vibrator pissed. It called at the house every week, asking interminable questions. My problem was that I didn't know quite what I was dealing with, and I had no idea what its powers as a lump of social work filth were.

As I opposed the creature's wishes it began to ask questions about my son; where he slept, what we did, things like that. I can recognise a none too subtle threat when I hear one and took the message to heart that if I didn't start to do as the social work industry wished, then that industry would go after my two-year old baby son. As soon as it had left the house I called the wife in Mexico and arranged for her to fly over here and collect the baby.

Leaving Manchester Airport with my son's cries still ringing in my ears I felt a cold anger and decided that come what may, shit was going to happen. Getting back to the house I was on my way to the toilet when the creature rang. As I listen to it prattle I remembered that at no time had any lump of management filth ever had the temerity to call me at home - and this two-legged cockroach was calling me up when I was on my way to have a shit! That did it: fuck the consequences - this was war!

Contempt - Humiliate - Attack

As a worker my policy towards management scum was summed up by those three words. Bastard work was where I went to get my money. Management scum always knew that my interest in bastard work started and ended with that wage packet. Few ever became insolent towards me, but on the rare occasions when one did, then a policy of humiliation and attack was my reply. My contempt they were used to: they got it every fucking day.


This policy began at a quite wonderful thing called a case conference that involved any number of middle class parasites and me. I had been told that people normally dressed up for these occasions, so I kicked to ball off by turning up in jeans and an old shirt with three days' worth of growth on my face. Before going in I took some bicarbonate of soda and sat there scratching my balls ostentatiously and farting every few minutes.


It was downhill all the way from then on in. I used to speak to them with a voice that dripped of venom and hatred. I mixed contempt and humiliation together by always calling those creatures who were female "darling" and always commented on how fat they were. I would ask them if they had problems finding shags? On one memorable occasion I told one creature that if it had the last cunt on earth I would sooner have a wank - you should have seen its face - it was a fucking hilarious site to behold.

The humiliation was mainly to do with the creatures' educational attainments, or rather the lack of them. I used to enjoy sitting there - scratching my dick, naturally, and commenting on how sad it must be to go though life being physically repulsive and a poly graduate as well. The aim - always - to humiliate using whatever words would achieve that end.

Let's be honest and admit that this is a pretty easy task. There is something about middle class vermin that forces them to believe that their work has a utility and meaning above and beyond the money. Don't ask me to explain it but this sense of self worth is very, very fragile. It can be degraded easily with a few mocking questions, but I discovered that a far better approach was to adopt a tone of mock jocularity. As if I knew that they were akin to pigs with their snouts in the public trough. As if I expected them to know it as well...


Always I attacked. I explained in an earlier posting how my use of press releases kept the creatures on the hop. To summarise here, we got to the stage where I was inventing sources within the social work industry and then presenting them to the press as if they were real. The tales were plausible and the filth were investigating each other to see who was leaking information to me. Nobody was - but I had studied my class enemy so closely that I could second guess their actions.

So, by combining these three strategies I slowly wore the social work filth down. One of them asked me what end I had in mind, and I told it that there was no end. The purpose of conflict with middle class filth is more conflict with middle class filth. War without end... Just like having a fucking job all over again. . .

That may have been what changed the creatures' attitudes towards me. By the end they were nice and quiet and respectful as is only fitting when a creature speaks to a working man.

The End. . .

The end came with a whimper, rather than a bang. By the end of 1996 I had been away from my son for almost a year. Although he was then only three, he pestered his mother to call me and used to cry over the telephone. I had to go back.

I left my dad with a young couple who moved into the house and helped him get around. That lasted until early 1997 when they moved on and dad agreed to go into a nursing home as a temporary measure. I had any number of creatures calling me in Mexico telling me that. Very nice they were, and I always used to wash my arse so that it was nice and clean before they kissed it. I told them that I was coming over to try and talk him into living in Mexico City and nobody had the balls to object. I arrived in the UK and sadly my father died a few days later.

There was no great victory. What happened was that a few lumps of lower middle class shit were taught to be respectful and to remember their place.

That was a victory of sorts.


16 January 2008
Social Work Filth: Fighting Links
Last night's shocking account of how social work filth are kidnapping working class children and then giving them to middle class families to adopt is still preying on my mind. I did a bit of research and came up with some links that you might want to keep handy.

The Families and Social Services Information Team (FASSIT)

Founded in 2005, FASSIT should be your first port of call if you have trouble with the social work filth. They will provide e-mail support to families who are suffering the filth's unwanted attentions, and can provide specialist help. The people behind this organisation all have first hand experience of the social work industry's crimes, and are on your side. My advice is to get in touch with FASSIT the moment an overweight lump of social work shit knocks on your door.

Ian Josephs

One man's website with lots of useful links. I like this site because Ian, like me, is a Britain who lives abroad, but who has never forgotten the need to fight the good fight where it is most important: at home!

Stop Injustice Now

A campaigning group that makes videos and organises demonstrations. The social work filth want you to think that you are alone, and that only they have the power. Just click on the link to see that this is not the case.

False Allegations Support Organisation (FASO)

FASO has a help line that is open from 6.00pm to midnight, Monday to Friday. Call them on 0870 241 6650. Remember, the sooner you get help, the better your chances are of fending off an attack by the social work filth. The site also has an incredible set of links that you should check out.


I mentioned this site last night, but it deserves another mention. As do its brave founders.

The fightback against the internal colonialists has already begun. These organisations exist to help you, but what we need - and I am sorry to labour the point - is a party that represents the urban working class. A party that will harass, abuse and seek to destroy the middle class in general, starting with the social work filth. Do you remember how we used to treat the management vermin in the days when we had jobs? Well, that is the treatment that these two-legged cockroaches need to receive.


15 January 2008
Internal Colonialism Part Two
In July of last year The Exile reported on how working class children are being kidnapped by social work filth and then put up for forced adoption. These adoptions are being ordered by the so-called family courts which sit in secret and exclude the press. Needless to say, our children are being given to middle class cockroaches to raise as their own.

Tammy Coulter was one such case. That's her on the left of the photo, with her mother, Ivonne. Tammy, who was called Cheri-Louise in those days, was seized by social work filth and given to a middle class family to raise. Those people changed her name and told her that her parents had abused her.

However, Ivonne never stopped searching for her lost daughter and finally when Cheri-Louise/Tammy was 17 the two were reunited. Tammy then left the people who were holding her and returned to her mother.

This is one story that has a happy ending. A ending made even nicer by the fact that mother and daughter are suing the shit out of Nottingham Social World Filth. The problem with that is not that they will receive, we hope, a sum of money; it is that the individual filth who stole Cheri-Louise all those years ago will continue collecting their wages every month.

On the other hand, maybe not. These two very brave ladies have set up a campaigning group called Unity-Injustice to give the social work filth the one thing that they cannot stand: publicity. They are highlighting case after case where our children have been seized, held in detention, and in many cases given away to cockroaches to raise as their own.

Cases like that of a 71 year old grandfather who has been sent to prison for two years for contacting his 15 year old grandson. The boy will have to be released from custody when he is 16, but the social work filth wanted to stop the grandfather publicising the fact that the lad had been abused whilst in their custody. They might have kept it a secret if it hadn't been for this new campaign.

The oxygen of publicity is the one thing that these creatures do not like. Let's give them plenty of it. Let's talk about Chris Smith who was told that he could not have his two sons back because he couldn't care for their emotional needs, whatever the fuck that means. It doesn't mean anything of course. It is a meaningless phrase put out by social work filth to show working class people who is in charge. As I said last year, the social work filth:
. . . are taking our children into care on spurious grounds and even when we prove our innocence, we find that they are being put up for adoption. Our women are seen as little more than brood mares, the providers of children for barren women or men who cannot get it up - the middle class in other words.

What we need to do is to start making these actions the focus of our resistance. Community groups need to be formed to defend an estate's children. The resistance needs to be community based, thus to draw on the collectivist tradition that is at the root of working class political action.
Unity-Injustice is a step on the road to that aim. Let's give them all the support that we can!

Postscript: I have stuck a permanent link up for Unity-Injustice on my right sidebar. This posting is also linked to from that same sidebar.


14 January 2008
The Campaign For Public Ownership
Journalist Neil Clark has set up a new pressure group called The Campaign For Public Ownership. He has already started the publicity ball rolling with a story in yesterday's Sunday Express, and I for one think that this is a worthwhile campaign that you should get involved in if you live in the UK.

I must be honest and say that the website is pretty basic. Neil is using one of Blogspot's free templates, but I don't think that a blog format is the right one for this type of campaign. That said, he has assured his readers that the existing site is only temporary and a full website - hopefully on its own domain - will be going up soon.

It would be a good idea if Neil and his friends could tell us how they actually plan to campaign for this goal. Obviously they will try to influence the political parties, but how will they do that? I hope that the campaign doesn't get sidetracked by one of the smaller parties, as it really needs to get to work on the three existing national parties, plus the Scots and Welsh Nationalists.

The good news is that the CPO seems to have made the railways their first target. That privatisation was never popular, so working to undo it makes sense. If they succeed with that, then they can move onto the utilities and try to get gas, water and electricity back under democratic control.

I wish the Campaign For Public Ownership the very best of luck: this is a battle worth fighting.
Girls On Their Knees Before Ron Jeremy

Click to enlarge

Lock up your daughters! Forbid your wives to leave the house! Who knows if he may be heading to your part of the world?

Men hide their heads in shame at the mere mention of this man's name, and as you can see in the photo, women bow down as he passes. He is the greatest cocksmith who ever dipped a wick. This hero has shafted every porn starlet in a career going back over thirty years.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ron Jeremy is going on his holidays.


Chimp Threatens Iran
His Chimpiness, George W. Bush, has warned of the dangers than Iran is supposed to pose. He went on to say that Iran needed to be opposed "before it is too late".

Opposed by whom, exactly? The Arab states are not going to get into a shooting war with Iran, and the Americans have still not managed to subjugate Iraq. So who is in line to do this opposing, in the interests of American capital?

Surely the chimp can't be planning an Operation Barbarossa all of his own? The idea sounds ludicrous, doesn't it, but we need to remember that we are not dealing with capitalism at its most rational and thoughtful.

Furthermore, the smirking simian will leave office in exactly one year from now. Neither of the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have gone to plan, so the temptation to go all out for victory over someone, anyone, must be overwhelming.

Stay tuned. . .
13 January 2008
On-line Casinos That Accept American members

If you are an American then finding a reputable online casino can be a bit of a chore. Uncle Sam doesn't like you investing your money as you want, and many casinos will not allow Americans to join. Wouldn't it be great if someone would list all the online casinos that do accept American players? Well, here's just such a site.

There is not only a list of the casinos, but you can also see at a glance what level of bonus each one offers you to join up. You can also see, again at a glance, which currencies are accepted by each casino. Finally, you will see the software that every casino uses.

On-line gambling for those of you who live in the USA has suddenly become a whole lot easier thanks to usaonlinecasinos.org and their simple, intuitive interface. Now you can invest your money as you wish at the trusted casino of your choice.
12 January 2008
Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, then the people at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery opened their centre with one aim in mind: to give you the best possible treatment in the most luxurious surroundings imaginable. It is the only plastic surgery clinic that is actually on the world famous Rodeo Drive.

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Let's look at a couple of the procedures that are performed at this world-renowned cosmetic surgery centre. The famous Los Angeles breast implants are probably the best known, so we can start with them.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is the specialist centre for this operation and they have developed many state of the art techniques to refine the process. The silent scar is one such procedure and it ensures that post operative scaring is kept to a near invisible minimum.

Let's also look at the Los Angeles tummy tuck, another famous surgical procedure that has been refined out of all recognition at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. The aim is to customise your tummy tuck to meet your individual specifications and desires.

If you are in need of a bit of cosmetic surgery makeover, why not give Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery a call? You could combine your procedure with a spot of shopping afterwards, or just relax in the wonderful California sunshine.

It is time that you gave yourself a treat, and what treat could be better than the new you that will walk out of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery?
Unsecured Business Loans With EZUnsecured.com
Starting in 2002 EZUnsecured.com has been finding you, the small businessman, the StartUp Financing that you need to drive your business forward. Looking for unsecured Start-Up Financing is not only difficult, it's time consuming as well. You have better things to do with your business day so why not let EZUnsecured.com worry about your Start Up Financing? That leaves you with more time to build your business.
Construction Worker Qualifications
Are you employed in the British construction industry? If you are then you will know that the 2010 deadline for a fully qualified construction workforce is now less then two years away. Many sites already have a policy of refusing to employ people who do not have the correct card which proves their level of ConstructionSkills. No card could mean no job after 2010, so let's talk about the options that are open to you.

If you are a young person and want to work in construction, then you might want to consider a full apprenticeship. The skills that you will learn will lead to a National Vocational Qualification, and remember that as an apprentice you are earning while you learn.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced construction worker, then you can still gain the card that you need via on-site assessment. You might want to take the opportunity to improve your skills' level by taking one of the work-based training programmes that are now on offer.

So, whatever you age and experience, if you want to work in construction after 2010 then you are going to have to get carded. Click on the link that I have already given you to start that process off.
Six Nations' Tournament Official Website
Are you ready for the Six Nations Tournament 2008? If you are already limbering up for the opening games next month then you will probably already know that you can get all the Six Nations rugby news at the official website.

If you didn't know that then you are really missing out on all the latest Six Nations news. There are sections for each team, as well as a full list of fixtures and the stadia where they will be played. There are even sections for the under 18's, under 20's and the women's teams. Did I mention that there are also plenty of games and podcasts that will keep any rugby fan entertained from now until all the games are over?

If you haven't visited the tournament site then you really can't call yourself a Rugby Union fan. The games kick off on the 2nd February, but your kick off starts right now at the Six Nations Tournament 2008 official website.
11 January 2008
America's Straights of Hormuz story starts to unravel
America's version of the Strights of Hormuz incident has started to unravel. Iran issued its own video of the incident, and that version is getting support for some strange quarters.

No less a person than the commander of the 5th Fleet has stated that the American ships did not issue any warnings to the Iranian boats. It has also emerged from American sources that the radio channel used to communicate is full of fairly mindless chatter, so the voice that is heard on the American tape may actually have been that of an American taking the piss.

Poor old warmongers - they can't even hold their tales together for 24 hours these days.
10 January 2008
Iraq is now a three-sided conflict
There is probably not a better time for the Americans to up sticks and leave Iraq than right now. Luckily for anti-imperialists everywhere they seem unlikely to take the opportunity to proclaim victory and clear out. Thus the war will go on until finally they are forced out without the face saver that is available to them right at this minute.

What has happened over the past few months is not difficult to understand. The Sunni were waging a highly decentralised form of guerrilla warfare against the occupation forces. The strategy worked very well until about June of last year when the Askariya bombings brought them into open conflict with the Shia militias.

The Shia had built these militias up not to fight the Americans - although some conflicts had taken place - but to prepare for the post occupation civil war that everyone knew was on the horizon. Askariya just brought that forward and the Sunni guerrilla groups found that they were no match for the Shia militias. So the Sunni did what any tribal group will do at a time like that: they cut a deal with the other armed group that was around, which just happened to be the Americans. Under American sponsorship, the Sunnis have built up a militia formation of their own, and during the last few month of 2007 American casualties began to fall dramatically.

However this is unlikely to last because now that both sides have their militias, they can each start to look for advantages against each other. If the Americans side with one militia in one area, then the faction that feels left out will attack American forces. The Americans will find that they are fighting the Shia is one district and the Sunni in another. The interesting thing about all this is that because the Iraqi forces are tribally based, these alliances can shift in the blinking of an eye. So with luck we can sit back and watch as bewildered Americans get shot at tomorrow by their allies of yesterday.

The important thing here is that whoever wins these bloody conflicts, at the end of the day America loses.
09 January 2008
Gimlet Kamm still can't get the plot
Insomnia is a terrible thing, but sometimes it has its good points. One of them came up a few moments ago when I read Gimlet's latest wankfest. Basically the short-arsed little fucker has decided to join in the smear campaign against Ron Paul.

No, I can't fucking believe it, either. He only decided to go and link to the most idiotic smear of all - one that even Fox News won't carry! This particular smear merchant has been comprehensively used as an arse wipe by just about every bugger, but most effectively by this bloke. I mean, I gave out that link in my last posting!

Gimlet, I know you read my stuff, so I just want to tell you that this is why we laugh at you. It's not just that you are a short-arsed little fucker. It's not just that you couldn't get shags at Oxford. It's that we genuinely enjoy laughing at pathetic little mongs like you who think that they are clever.

That's what it is Gimlet.


McCain & Clinton win New Hampshire primaries

John McCain and Hilary Clinton have won their respective primaries in New Hampshire. I must be honest and say that I was worried that Ron Paul might have done well for the GOP, but the smear campaign seems to have done the trick. I was also worried about Barack Obama increasing his Iowa lead, but that obviously hasn't happened.

There is still a long way to go, but the tentative conclusion is that the War Party will field McCain and Clinton as its two candidates in the November election. If that happens then it is safe to bet that over half the population will not turn out to vote, and that the wars will go on. Clinton has made noises about reducing the troop numbers in Iraq, but she voted for the war in the first place, has voted consistently to fund it ever since, and has never claimed that she would end it completely. McCain for his part has consistently said that he will continue the war against Iraq, so The Exile's endorsement goes to him.

Why do I want a knuckle-dragging moron like that in the White House? Well, for the past eight years we have had an even bigger knuckle-dragging moron and he has damaged America's economy badly. The fear must be that a centrist would take power who would cut military spending and try to repair that damage. McCain is the one least likely to do that.

Let America fight. Fight until her economy cracks and the fuckers can fight no more. Fight until she is bankrupted and exhausted and her vile shadow has been lifted from all our lives.

Vote McCain, America.
08 January 2008
Clinton loses out in first New Hampshire results

It's just a bit of fun, this hamlet in New Hampshire which votes just after midnight in the state's primary elections. However, as you can see in this news report, Hilary Clinton actually ended up getting no votes at all from that particular electorate.

Obviously that is not going to be repeated across the whole state, but is it just possible that the wheels have really come off the Clinton machine?
Tension increases in Straights of Hormuz
What exactly happened yesterday in the Straights of Hormuz? According to the Americans, three U.S. warships were harassed by five or so Iranian fast patrol boats. The Iranians for their part say that they challenged three unidentified vessels, and once their identities were made clear the matter ended.

Neither side seems to want to take the issue any further. The Americans have not lodged any formal protests and the Iranians are not screaming for a United Nations Resolution or anything like that.

It's pure speculation on my part, but could the fuss be due to some continued infighting between the Washingtonian war party, headed by Dick Cheney and the adult faction which seems to have Condaleeza Rice as its head? In other words what happened was a fairly typical bit of posturing in the Straights, which the war party tried to use to increase tension. However, the fact that the USA is not lodging any protests over the incident, suggests to me that the warmongers have been slapped down pretty firmly by the State Department.

If this is what happened then perhaps the war party's star really is on the wane?
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07 January 2008
Kravice Christmas Day massacre

The Kravica Massacre Memorial

Today is Christmas Day according to the Orthodox Church. It should be a day of celebration, and I hope for many it is. However, for the Serbs, this day will always be remembered as the anniversary of the Kravice Christmas Day Massacre of 1993. The Muslim militias left Srebrenica in the early hours of that day and took Kravice by surprise. They slaughtered 49 men, women and children, a small proportion of the over 3,500 Serb civilians that were butchered between 1992 and 1993 in that area.

There will be a memorial service in Kravice today, but you won't get to hear about it, and no members of the so-called international community will be represented. Unlike the Croats and the Muslims, the Serbs were not willing to subordinate their interests to the wishes of globalised capitalism: thus their deaths do not count.

They didn't count when the Croats launched Operation Storm in 1995 to ethnically cleanse over 200,000 Serbs from their homes, an operation that had logistical support from the USA, so why should anyone care about 49 dead on Christmas Day?

The lesson is clear: subordinate yourselves to globalisation and you can do as you please politically. Oppose globalisation and it will demonise you and send its creatures in to kill you.

Of the 30 villages that made up Kravice municipality, 26 are uninhabited to this day. . .

Cheers: Byzantine Blog
04 January 2008
Still sleepwalking towards war in Kosovo?
The looming crisis that began when the west waged its war against Yugoslavia in 1999 will probably come to a head next month if, as expected, Kosovo declares its independence. The immediate problem seems to be one of wishful thinking. Either hoping that if we don't talk about Kosovo then it will all go away, or the belief that the Serbs will see reason and just accept the dismemberment of their country.

Let's suppose that the problem doesn't go away and that the Serbs refuse to acquiesce in the west's desires - what then?

We could be within a month or so of war in Europe. That is the bottom line: and nobody is talking about it.

Unlike 1999, this time around Washington, London and Berlin will not have things all their own way. Quite a few ostensible allies may decide to sit this one out, which means that if only Serbia can get a clear, public message of support from Russia, then the aggressors may back down.

Never has Russia been more important than she is today.
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03 January 2008
Big freeze - Mexican style
I don't know what the weather is like in England at the moment, but here in Mexico City the thermometer is registering three below zero. I think the words "fucking" and " cold" are appropriate at times like this.

To make matter worse, the houses are not built for warmth, what with their high ceilings and tiled floors. Shops and other small commercial premises are even worse off because the whole front is usually a roller shutter that lifts up when the business is open. They tend to have a large rear window to allow air to circulate. This is great when the weather is normal, but minus zero is not normal for this city.

I have dusted off the electric heaters that we use on rare occasions like this, but most people don't have them, so there are going to be a lot of very cold people getting through tonight as best they can.

If the cold front lifts over the next day or so then not much harm will have been done. If it doesn't then we can expect the death toll to start rising as the very old and the very young succumb to Mother Nature's idea of New Year fun.


02 January 2008
Two murders in one family
This is one of my parents' wedding photographs. On my father's right stand the Lilley family. Lily Hyde, my mother's cousin, had married Jack Lilley and much to everyone's amusement became the magnificently named Lily Lilley. Uncle Jack died in the late 1970s and John, their only son, emigrated to Tasmania in about 1970. I lost touch with Auntie Lily after my mother died in 1989, and it was only some years later that I found out that she was brutally murdered in her own home by two girls in 1998.

In 1986 my cousin, Edward Pither of Nelson, Lancashire, was murdered by two burglars, again in his own home. Two murders in one family are two too many.

Both murders were the responsibility of the people concerned. However, both sets of murderers are also the products of feral societies and a polity that first wanted to deliberately impoverish them, and then tried to force them into adopting a set of mores that are not theirs.

Auntie Lily was the daughter of my mother's aunt. Take a look at her and everyone else in that photo. They look confident, don't they? The men had all just emerged from the army and are wearing their demob suits. The women's dresses were all made by my mother who was a dressmaker by trade. The confidence on the adults' faces came from their belief that they were never going to have to return to the 1930s; that things were just going to get better and better for people like them.

My Uncle Jack was a dairyman. He carried big churns full of milk that had just arrived from the nearby farms into the plant where they were either pasteurised or sterilised. Then he loaded crates full of milk bottles onto his cart and set off to make his deliveries. He had a neck like a bull and arms like tree trunks.

My father was a factory labourer and his brother Albert who is standing on the right of the photo was a warehouseman. Neither of them wanted to do that work. My father tried to make a living as an artist, and Uncle Albert used his gratuity money to set up a literary journal, but neither of them had much success, so they settled down to factory labour. On the basis of that they all married, had children, paid their way in the world and lived out their lives.

And then it all went bad. The Tory aim from 1979 to 1997 was to ensure that the working class knew its place and to help ensure that, the traditional jobs were destroyed. It was the only way to reverse the post-war trend of working class improvement and to set a clear economic line between us and them.

Alas for their hopes, but working class people never learned to mind their manners. What happened was that they became feral. Petty criminality came first, then drugs, then more criminality. Labour, the act of labouring for a living, created its own social discipline. When the jobs vanished so did the social discipline.

Labour came along in 1997 and made things worse. Instead of re-industrialising Britain they introduced Thatcherism with a smiley face. Lot's of jobs were created for social workers, teachers, council managers and other assorted scum and nothing for us.

The young people complain that there is nothing to do. Reading the reports of Auntie Lily's death that theme comes up time and time again. Guess what? The kids are right: there is nothing for them to do. All the adventure playgrounds in the world will not alter the fact that a teenager should be looking forward to leaving school and choosing whether to go down a pit, stand behind a lathe or look after a machine. Thanks to government policy over the past 30 years, all a teenager has to look forward to is a life of unemployment or underemployment.

Thus we turn on each other, and that is why my aunt and cousin were killed.

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01 January 2008
Happy New Year To One And All!
A Happy New Year for 2008! My wish is that each and every one of you will find a nice pair like these. Then grab one in each hand, stick your head between them and go Brrrrrr!