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08 December 2007
Will the Serbs fight alone?
Svetlana over at The Byzantine Blog writes:
The past two decades have probably been the hardest for Serbs in 20th century, and continuing in the 21st century, after the tremendous Serbian sacrifices in both world wars. Spectacularly betrayed by the former Western allies, Serbs have been presented with the bloody dissolution of the common state of Yugoslavia in which they were not only completely ostracized and purged from every of the former Yugoslav republics, but also singled out as both the instigators of each of the civil wars and perpetrators of the worst crimes imaginable.
Svetlana is right, of course. Serbia's only crime was to stand like a lion against everything that expanding capitalism could throw at her. For that she was lied about and then attacked.

There comes a time when you just have to say no, and I think that Serbia has reached that moment. If Russia will back them then I think that war can be averted. If she fails to do that then it looks as if Serbia will fight alone.

I suppose that there just comes a time when it is better to die in the bullring than the abattoir.

Wonder why everybody hates them, eh?

8 December 2007 at 21:47  

They don't. Apart from the sad-arsed losers who cheered on the wars of aggression and now have to explain away the fact that everything has gone tits up.

8 December 2007 at 22:09  

Well, what I meant was everyone else in the former Yugoslavia, who "completely ostracised and purged them" - why? They weren't all Western stooges - this was before the wars started. Everyone hates the Serbs because they are a nasty sullen aggressive bunch, run, rather like their Russian friends, by the mafia. Yes, I understand that this is all about discrediting the British government, but, if all your dreams come true and the Middle East is run by head-hackers, the Balkans by rapists and the mafia, and Britain by the Tories what has actually been achieved for the British working class?

8 December 2007 at 22:27  

If, if, if... If my auntie has a cock she'd be my uncle.

You know, trotting out the line that the warmongers used isn't going to persuade me that the Serbs are either better or worse than everyone else in that region. The difference is that the Croats committed their atrocities with western connivance because they were willing to hand their economy over to globalised capitalism. The Serbs weren't. So we are all supposed to forget Operation Storm, 'cos that was good ethnic cleansing.

As for fear of the Tories getting back. Just remind me of how many industries have been nationalised by NuLabour and exactly how much Tory anti-working class legislation has been repealed.

When you have done that, maybe you can tell me in just what way are the creatures who did so well out of the 1980s being made to suffer now?

8 December 2007 at 22:42  

On your last two paras - I'll leave the first one, we're clearly just going to have to disagree -

The answer is a) lots of industries b) no legislation and c) bugger all.

Don't deny that for a minute. My question was: How would this situation be improved by a Tory government?

8 December 2007 at 23:37  

Wow, cipriano mera, I misjudged you the last time - I thought you're merely an ignorants snob. But it turns out you're a hateful racist ignorant snob.

P.S. You're also wrong on the statement that "they weren't all Western stooges - this was before the wars started". Serbs were purged from Croatia and Bosnia only after the civil wars have started, with CIA and MI5 generous help. Why? Because Croats, Bosnian and Albanians Muslims are "democratic" and "multi-ethnic" and want ethnically clean Croatia, Bosnia and Serbian Kosovo province.

...as usual, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, but being a racist of your caliber never had anything to do with facts anyway.

9 December 2007 at 06:47  

My Favorite part is that Kosovo is purged of non Albanians, Croatia purged itself of its Serbs, Slovenia purged itself of the few it had.

Serbia has a large Ethnic Mix and THEY are the Rapists and the Genocidal ones. He's not a Snob he's a schill.

How is the most Ethnically Diverse country there Genocidal Rapists but the Ethnically pure ones are Upstanding? Answer that Cippy

How can Croatia purge 250,000 Serbs from their country and no one says shit?

Also another Good one, if its all about Kosovo why the Fuck did the Albanians Start shit in Macedonia in 2001?

Why are the Albanians Starting Shit in Greece?

I am starting to pick up a pattern here Cippy are you? The Albanians are the only common Element, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro Soon why are they the spice in everyone's stew?

So if there are a bunch of Conflicts brewing in the Balkans and they all have a common Element in them Maybe just maybe that Element is causing some God Damn problems, you think?

Actually looking at your Situation Cip with your Ex-wife thats alot like Kosovo assuming ofcourse that the situation is as I will describe at the moment.

Cippy owns a House, he gets Married, his wife moves into his house... things are okay for a while but then after some time things are not working out.

One day Cippy comes home and finds a police officer in his house telling him he can't go to his Kitchen. Why he asks? Well apparently Cippy's wife says that She spent all that time in the Kitchen, she loves that Kitchen and She deserves to have it... oh and she said that Cippy beat her...

Now Its Cippy's house he owns it, the Deed is in his name, but he has a cop camping out in His Hallway and he can no longer go into his Kitchen.

So Cippy what are you going to do? Are you going to let her keep the Kitchen? Also you have to accommodate the Cop and his Buddies who are staying in your hallway because your wife doesn't work and because you beat her. Lets not forget that you are still paying for the Electricity and Fuel being used by that Kitchen that your ex-wife is squatting in....

So Cippy how long before you snap and throw everyone out of your house and reclaim your kitchen?

Or are you going to let her turn that Kitchen into her new appartment? Oh did I mention that you forgot your Irreplaceable Family Album and your Great Grandmother's Antique Silverware that was passed down for Generations in your Kitchen? But what was your mother's side of the Family worth to you anyway right? No Big Deal Fuck 'em they only brought you into this world Right?

9 December 2007 at 07:19  

Anonymous - I congratulate you on your detailed and accurate knowledge of what happens when one gets divorced in Britain. The answer is I can't do a damn thing about it because the law will have my bollocks if I do. I will just have to live with it.

9 December 2007 at 23:42  

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