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01 December 2007
Pleas to save Iraq's Harkis fall on deaf ears
Every now and again something happens that makes life just that little bit sweeter. It happened to my yesterday when an e-mail from Neil Clark arrived telling me that a rather pathetic piece by a Dan Davies had just gone up at The Guardian's site. Dan the baldy man was making an appeal for those poor, doomed, wretched Harkis - that nobody gives a shit about any more...

What evidence does your favourite Exile have that nobody gives a shit about the Quislings? Why the number of folk who joined in to cheer Dan the baldy man along. There were six comments altogether, but only two were enthusiastic about the baldy man's plea.

How times change. Was it only in August that Neil Clark gave such wide publicity to this lunatic scheme that the warmongers had to save face by bringing over 20,000 Iraq traitors to the UK? Leaving the army to continue bleeding in Iraq, of course.

How the 'mongers howled and screamed. Well, the fuckers are not howling now, are they? No, they are keeping very quiet and hoping that we all forget.

Sorry, folks, but The Exile has a good memory. Come Retribution Night in Basra he will be posting photos like fuck, just to remind you that you can't even save your Harkis.

Feeling like shit are you? You just fucking wait.

Not our problem! Not our war! Not our Harkis!



I thought it was only 91 families? 20,000's like, an outside estimate if EVERY Iraqi who'd so much as opened a door for a British soldier was included.

Although it's a much more dramatic figure, so if it helps your arguement, you run with it, mate.

In all seriousness, I don't agree with your position, but I admire the way that you're absolutely straightforward about it - as in 'stuff the harkis, they're not my problem.'

Most other people kind of fudge the issue of what'll happen to them if they stay.

1 December 2007 at 22:56  

It started off as 90 people, then it jumped to 90 families and then the webmongs started talking about 20,000 scabs altogether. God knows how they reached that figure, but since they were mug enough to use it, that suited me down to the ground.

Telling people who have to live with their parents because there aren't enough houses to go round that they will stay on the waiting list while these chancers got housed immediately - yup, I wasn't passing that one up.

As for what happens to them afterwards - you are right, I don't give a stuff. I want to know when the anti-working class legislation will be repealed, when industries will be renationalised and when those creatures who did well out of the Thatcher/Blair years are going to feel the pain of serious taxation and rampant inflation.

2 December 2007 at 00:28  

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