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22 December 2007
Photograph of the Year Contest

PhotographyCorner.com have announced the start of their 2007 Photograph of the Year competition, and this year their sponsors are giving away over $20,000 in prizes. The competition only opened on the 18th of this month and you have until the 15th January to submit your entries.

Photography Corner is a major photography website that aims to bring together all types of photographers under one virtual roof, be they beginner, keen amateur or professional. The aim is that they should all think of this corner as their home on the net. You will find a photography contest every month, but obviously the Photograph of the Year contest is the biggie and the one that everyone is talking about right now.

You can follow the contest on the Photography Corner Blog, but before you go rushing off there, let me just tell you that the competition's rules are simple to understand and that the winners will be chosen by a ballot of the corner's membership.

OK, if you fancy your chances of getting your hands on some of these seriously nice prizes, then I suggest that you start clicking. Remember to get your entries in before the 15th January. The winners will be announced at the end of that month.

Good luck!
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