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18 December 2007
Neil Clark scores hit on Gimlet
Neil Clark seems to have won a victory in his long running feud with Gimlet Kamm. You had better go and read the whole thing yourself, because it's a long and complicated tale that relates to who deleted or altered whose Wikepedia entry.

My view of all of this is that I am glad that Neil can piss once again all over Gimlet, but I do have my doubts as to the utility of this particular slash. Put bluntly, is it worth it?

Neil runs the risk of giving credibility to Gimlet just at the moment when people have started laughing out loud at the short-arsed little fucker. Don't believe me - take a butcher's at the comments to this load of old wank. Then ask yourself why the sub-editors ever let it through? Could they have been having a laugh as well? The point is not that Neil hasn't marshalled his evidence and made his case - the point is that you don't make a case against middle class cockroaches: you just find their point of weakness and go for them like a terrier does with a rat.

In the case of Gimlet, the simple fact that the short-arsed little fucker takes himself so seriously is evidence enough to me that what we need to do is just take the piss out of the little maggot. Cunt wants to talk about something; we prefer to chat about the fact that during three years at Oxford he didn't get one single recorded shag. Shit, my 14 year old has managed to get his end away, so why couldn't Gimlet?

He couldn't because he was a figure of fun. All the information that I managed to obtain about his time at university points to that conclusion: half remembered anecdotes about a pathetic, poisonous little dwarf that people felt a mixture of contempt and loathing for. This is a creature who wore suits to try and give himself gravitas. Gimlet, it didn't fucking work, did it?

Taking this cockroach seriously enough to point out his errors and scams is a mistake in my opinion. In a strange sort of way, it raises the short-arsed little fucker up to our level, and makes him a worthy enemy. He isn't. Creatures like him are treated with contempt even by their supposed friends - that's why faction after faction at Oxford used him and dumped him. That's why he crawled away to his college, never to be seen again.

Gimlet Kamm: no glittering prize, and not even a shag to make up for it.

Fuck him, just as one day we will fuck his class.



Kamm is married with kids. I doubt he cares much what a priapically-fixated old lech like you thinks of him. At least Neil Clark had the decency to attack him with facts, rather than just ad hominem abuse.

18 December 2007 at 12:40  

What on earth have you got against the middle class? We're the suckers who pay the bulk of the taxes.

Well, actually you and I are expats, so we don't pay any taxes or participate in any way apart from impotent rants from across the pond.

The lines between middle and working class are hopelessly blurred now. It's not the 1970's any more. It's CERTAINLY not the industrial revolution any more and I'm damn sure I'm no more bourgeoisie than you!

How did you find out about Oliver Kamm's shagging record at university? Is there an online database or something? Or did you just make it up to be mean-spirited? Congrats if you did because there was some strange credibility about your claims.

It must be because you write 'fuck' a lot and that always sounds important.

Well, another good post. Keep 'em up! Best wishes...

Middle Class Cockroach/Scum [delete according to taste.]

18 December 2007 at 17:43  

Hang on a minute.

The Exile is also married with kids. So am I, though the kids don't actually belong to the current marriage. Both of us are quite proud to be priapically- fixated old leches at our age (he even more so, as he has three or four years' start on me). Nothing wrong with a good old ad hominem feud, so long as it's amusing. And the middle class are cockroaches, that is the ones who identify with the corporate ethos rather than just working one's hours for the money and then buggering off to live one's life no later than 5.30.

18 December 2007 at 20:17  

So long as you paid your taxes and kept your fat mouths shut I wasn't mithered. It was when you got lippy that I started feeling that you needed reminding of your place. (Can't wait until house prices collapse.)

Your second point - I last `paid tax in 1981. That was the last time I had a proper bastard job in Britain.

Gimlet, give him his new name, I found out by talking to people who remembered him. Easy.

Luke - Scott under another name? You seem to know a lot about Gimlet. Could you be him? Anyway, having spend 200 words explaining why I don't debate with the cunt all I can say is go and read what I wrote very fucking slowly.

Married? Thanks for that one. So who is the slag? It shat out bastards between its thighs did it? Thanks again for putting me on a good course with a fair wind for the land of laughs.

18 December 2007 at 21:01  

Personally, I suspect that the reason no-one has ever taken the time to point-by-point refute Kamm's points is because, unlike you, Kammm backs up his arguments with facts and substance. I may not agree with many of his conclusions or his logic, but his arguments are clearly based on an understanding of the facts.

You can also hardly claim to have investigated Kamm if you weren't aware he was married with children. I see you have children. Do they visit their Dad's blog? Do they read the adverts for 'hot teen chat' that you write?

I don't know who Scott is and I'm certainly not Kamm. I usually don't lower myself to insluts, but I just saw a photo of you, and subsequently have a hard time understanding why you feel able to mock another's appearance.

In summary: if Kamm's arguments are really such complete bollocks it should be child's plat to make a few simple counter-points and to rebut or refute his facts. Yet you don't. I interpret people resorting to name-calling as an admission they've lost the argument.

And 'fuck his class'? By paying the taxes he does he's certainly done more for the working class than you ever have, Bell. I don't think he's ever taken a summer to spend his dole money nailing foreign nurses (cue a smutty aside about how he couldn't get a foreign nurse( like you proudly admit to having done.

Kamm may well have a slightly pompous writing style, but if that, and hearsay about his shagging abilities fifteen years ago are the totality of your citicisms of him, then it is you who has lost the argument.

18 December 2007 at 21:30  

Strange isn't it that every time I comment on matters Gimletish some creature who has never been here before arrives and starts coming out with the same old wank? Screen names differ; old wank is always the same.

19 December 2007 at 04:54  

Strange isn't it that I've never, ever seen you respond to a insgle argument of any of the 'webmongs', simply insult and abuse them.

19 December 2007 at 08:26  

Yeah, I use the HP & Gimlet technique. Short-arsed little fucker got lippy with me and then did a runner. More gob than a cow's got cunt and a coward to boot.

You were wrong about my investigating Gimlet by the way. All I did was send e-mails out to folk who were up 25 years ago. Nobody from those days keeps in touch with the cunt. Well, not of the folk I knew do. Hence I know nothing about the maggot's life since - until you rolled up.

So tell me about his slag. What's it look like? Single or double bagger? (I saw a photo of his mam once. Fucking ugly creature. If it had the last cunt on earth I think I would prefer a wank.)

19 December 2007 at 09:23  

Calling him Gimlet are we now? I still vote for him as thick as pig shit.

19 December 2007 at 11:15  

Hello, mate, and welcome back to the fun house. Yeah, I call it Gimlet 'cos it's a short boring tool.

I have a new one of its creatures - cunt who calls himself Luke. I'm thinking about doing an end of year laugh at the short arsed little fucker - I wonder how many creatures that will lead to?

19 December 2007 at 11:21  

Oh dear, it's turning into a playground for kiddies here. (Entertaining though, in a mouth-open-fuck-me-sideways-is-this-what-the-intellectuals-are-like kind of way.)

19 December 2007 at 13:50  

OK, thanks for the update. I still want to keep voting for him as thick as pig shit!

21 December 2007 at 03:43  

Sure be mu guest mate. I might start a new poll... What do you reckon?

21 December 2007 at 06:31  

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