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19 December 2007
Iraq's Kurds turn against the USA
Life is good, isn't it? Things just get better and better and the changes are coming day in and day out. The latest is the news that Condoleeza Rice, the chimp's very own tea lady, went to Iraqi Kurdistan and was told to take a flying fuck by the Kurdish leadership.

The ins and outs of all of this are not something that need concern the anti-imperialists; what is important is that America's most loyal ally in Iraq is now falling out of line. What the end result will be is anyone's guess, but it is that level of uncertainty that helps to make the incident so entertaining. Will the Kurds finally make common cause with the Iraqi Arabs against the USA? The question is not rhetorical, as I have no answer to it. However the question is now one that imperialism's policy-makers in Washington must be considering with dread.

For us the issue is not who wins and who loses in any fight between Turks, Kurds and Arabs. That is an internal matter for them and they can fight it out between themselves. The issue for British working class activists is that the tide has now turned decisively against imperialist adventures.

We need to be reminding our own people that the enemy of Iraq is made up of the same scum that wants to keep us down as well. The cheerleaders for aggression are the same cockroaches who have done so well economically out of the last 30 years.

I think you are way off, because surely the support of the USA is the only check on Turkey just invading and crushing the autonomous Kurdish region in north Iraq. The Kurds will throw their hissy fit and then cooler judgement will prevail -- a quiet counterinsurgency campaign against the PKK conducted by the Kurds themselves, perhaps prepared by some dirty tricks to discredit the PKK in the eyes of the setimentalists north and south of the border. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope this happens.

19 December 2007 at 17:07  

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