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17 December 2007
British have abandoned Basra: war against Iraq is over
The British war against Iraq ended yesterday as the last bit of Basra province was handed over to whichever militia leader wants to reach out and take it. As the puppet police chief himself admitted, the militias are better equipped than his men, so it probably won't be long before one of their leaders makes his move.

The important thing now is to rub the reality of this defeat into the faces of the warmongers at every opportunity. It may very well be that the people that they cheered for knew very well that this was a war for control, for resources and for tasty contracts, but they refused to see it that way.

They argued, those brave armchair warriors, that it was all about democracy and human rights. They believed, those sad-arsed webmongs, that inside every tribal fighter or urban guerrilla was to be found the heart of a North London meterosexual. All it needed was a bit of stick and Iraq would be just like Home Counties England.

It has emerged that in Basra the militia are bumping off females that are considered immoral. At the same time, the Quislings who bought into this post-modern load of old wank are hiding out like so many terrified dogs - as well they might because once the populace gets hold of them their future prospects are about nil.

Se where's the victory, webmongs? I look around the warwank sites and I see no mention of Basra and the fact that the British have cut and run. A silence has descended over all of them.

Proof, if proof were needed, that this is a defeat for the forces of imperialism.

So Iraq is a land of tribal savages with no hope of redemption?

Wow. Somehow you manage to make the attitudes of even the most hardcore 'neo-con warmongers' seem strangely moderate.

Interesting historical perspective - King Ghazi of Iraq (knocking around long before Saddam) was described as 'an amateur racing driver.'

He knocked himself off driving into a lamp post.

He must have been a VERY amateur racing driver.

I don't know what relevance that had to anything, but I felt it was worth writing.

18 December 2007 at 17:52  

I don't give a shit about Iraq to be honest.

I belong to the generation that gave two fingers to the bosses. Management filth wanted something and our answer was no. When asked why we just laughed. No was enough of an answer for any two-legged cockroach We collected our wages on Fridays and piled into the pub to get the taste of bastard work out of our gobs. End of.

Now, insolence is the order of the day. Management filth expects to be listened to, and that same filth has the state to back them.

We need to start the fight back. That comes about in many ways, but one of them most certainly is discrediting the system in whatever way we can.

Iraq is part of that process.

19 December 2007 at 06:50  

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