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31 December 2007
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British trains
Click to enlarge

Yeah, the only people who still believe in Britain's privatised railways are the political class who never have to use them.

A good, normal service on this blog will, however, definitely be resumed on the 2nd January. In the meantime I am still in Christmas and New Year mode.
28 December 2007
Bhutto slaying brings out the best in webmongery
Yesterday's tragic killing of Benazir Bhutto has brought out the best in the world of webmongery. They screamed, they howled - and no bugger did anything but roll their eyes at them. My favourite load of old wank came from Gimlet Kamm, who argued that her murder should not be used as an excuse to encourage "our indulgence" of Pakistan's military ruler any further.

OK, Gimlet, what's the plan? Let's say that Dictator Musharraf does cancel the elections - what will happen? Nothing will happen, that what. Nothing will happen because nothing can happen. Pakistan is too big and too well armed to invade.

The Pakistanis will sort out this mess on their own.
26 December 2007
Brown lied: the British are negotiating with the Taliban
Here's a basic rule for anyone studying colonial behaviour. When the colonialists say that they are not negotiating with the insurgents and will never negotiate with them, you can bet money that this is actually what they are doing.

So it is in Afghanistan at the moment. Gordon Brown stated quite clearly that "We will not enter into any negotiations with these people," but he was lying. Talks have been going on between the British and the Taliban since at least the summer.

The next step will be when the British announce that their mission has been accomplished in Afghanistan and that the troops are coming home. If the government is lucky there may be a short period between the last British soldier flying out and the first Taliban guerrilla marching in. If not the two events will be just hours apart.

Either way, Afghanistan has now gone tits up just like Iraq did for the British.
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25 December 2007
Merry Christmas to all The Exile's readers
A very merry Christmas to all my readers. Here in Mexico the celebrations start on the night of the 24th, which is when the Christmas meal is eaten. I have a plentiful supply of Christmas puddings that I ship over from the UK and I try to make things as British as I can.

Wherever you are in the world I hope that your Christmas is peaceful and enjoyable.
22 December 2007
Photograph of the Year Contest

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You can follow the contest on the Photography Corner Blog, but before you go rushing off there, let me just tell you that the competition's rules are simple to understand and that the winners will be chosen by a ballot of the corner's membership.

OK, if you fancy your chances of getting your hands on some of these seriously nice prizes, then I suggest that you start clicking. Remember to get your entries in before the 15th January. The winners will be announced at the end of that month.

Good luck!
21 December 2007
Chimp fears that allies may abandon Afghanistan
It is emerging that the chimp is worried about America's allies and their commitment to the quagmire that is Afghanistan. Will they stay the course, the simian wonders?

Of course they won't - and neither will America come to that. The costs of the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have now topped the cost of all the other wars that the USA has ever fought apart from the Second World War. The question is not if the USA will call it a day on her imperial adventures but when?

This is a point that is so obvious, but it is amazing just how many people fail to get it. The guerrilla wins by not losing and the conventional force loses by not winning. All the Afghans have to do is outlast the occupiers. It may take a decade, or two, or three, but eventually the westerners will leave. So long as there is a guerrilla force left at the end, then they will march into Kabul and raise their flag.

End of story.
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19 December 2007
Iraq's Kurds turn against the USA
Life is good, isn't it? Things just get better and better and the changes are coming day in and day out. The latest is the news that Condoleeza Rice, the chimp's very own tea lady, went to Iraqi Kurdistan and was told to take a flying fuck by the Kurdish leadership.

The ins and outs of all of this are not something that need concern the anti-imperialists; what is important is that America's most loyal ally in Iraq is now falling out of line. What the end result will be is anyone's guess, but it is that level of uncertainty that helps to make the incident so entertaining. Will the Kurds finally make common cause with the Iraqi Arabs against the USA? The question is not rhetorical, as I have no answer to it. However the question is now one that imperialism's policy-makers in Washington must be considering with dread.

For us the issue is not who wins and who loses in any fight between Turks, Kurds and Arabs. That is an internal matter for them and they can fight it out between themselves. The issue for British working class activists is that the tide has now turned decisively against imperialist adventures.

We need to be reminding our own people that the enemy of Iraq is made up of the same scum that wants to keep us down as well. The cheerleaders for aggression are the same cockroaches who have done so well economically out of the last 30 years.
18 December 2007
Neil Clark scores hit on Gimlet
Neil Clark seems to have won a victory in his long running feud with Gimlet Kamm. You had better go and read the whole thing yourself, because it's a long and complicated tale that relates to who deleted or altered whose Wikepedia entry.

My view of all of this is that I am glad that Neil can piss once again all over Gimlet, but I do have my doubts as to the utility of this particular slash. Put bluntly, is it worth it?

Neil runs the risk of giving credibility to Gimlet just at the moment when people have started laughing out loud at the short-arsed little fucker. Don't believe me - take a butcher's at the comments to this load of old wank. Then ask yourself why the sub-editors ever let it through? Could they have been having a laugh as well? The point is not that Neil hasn't marshalled his evidence and made his case - the point is that you don't make a case against middle class cockroaches: you just find their point of weakness and go for them like a terrier does with a rat.

In the case of Gimlet, the simple fact that the short-arsed little fucker takes himself so seriously is evidence enough to me that what we need to do is just take the piss out of the little maggot. Cunt wants to talk about something; we prefer to chat about the fact that during three years at Oxford he didn't get one single recorded shag. Shit, my 14 year old has managed to get his end away, so why couldn't Gimlet?

He couldn't because he was a figure of fun. All the information that I managed to obtain about his time at university points to that conclusion: half remembered anecdotes about a pathetic, poisonous little dwarf that people felt a mixture of contempt and loathing for. This is a creature who wore suits to try and give himself gravitas. Gimlet, it didn't fucking work, did it?

Taking this cockroach seriously enough to point out his errors and scams is a mistake in my opinion. In a strange sort of way, it raises the short-arsed little fucker up to our level, and makes him a worthy enemy. He isn't. Creatures like him are treated with contempt even by their supposed friends - that's why faction after faction at Oxford used him and dumped him. That's why he crawled away to his college, never to be seen again.

Gimlet Kamm: no glittering prize, and not even a shag to make up for it.

Fuck him, just as one day we will fuck his class.


Salsa Crazy!

The world salsa championships have just ended, and the write-ups have begun, along with loads of photos. I have to say that this salsa deal looks a bit of all right to me, especially if that is the standard of female participant. Leggy bunch, aren't they? A pity I am too old to learn the salsa dance - or any other dance come to that. Still, the photos are great and the reporter really gets into his stride with the descriptions.
17 December 2007
British have abandoned Basra: war against Iraq is over
The British war against Iraq ended yesterday as the last bit of Basra province was handed over to whichever militia leader wants to reach out and take it. As the puppet police chief himself admitted, the militias are better equipped than his men, so it probably won't be long before one of their leaders makes his move.

The important thing now is to rub the reality of this defeat into the faces of the warmongers at every opportunity. It may very well be that the people that they cheered for knew very well that this was a war for control, for resources and for tasty contracts, but they refused to see it that way.

They argued, those brave armchair warriors, that it was all about democracy and human rights. They believed, those sad-arsed webmongs, that inside every tribal fighter or urban guerrilla was to be found the heart of a North London meterosexual. All it needed was a bit of stick and Iraq would be just like Home Counties England.

It has emerged that in Basra the militia are bumping off females that are considered immoral. At the same time, the Quislings who bought into this post-modern load of old wank are hiding out like so many terrified dogs - as well they might because once the populace gets hold of them their future prospects are about nil.

Se where's the victory, webmongs? I look around the warwank sites and I see no mention of Basra and the fact that the British have cut and run. A silence has descended over all of them.

Proof, if proof were needed, that this is a defeat for the forces of imperialism.
14 December 2007
What a bummer!
I dunno about you lot, but I've had a bum day. See you tomorrow.
13 December 2007
Chimp releases Xmas video
The Chimp has just released his Christmas video featuring his two little doggies, Barney and Tony. It's quite an amusing little film and it is nice to see how well the animals have been trained to perform their roles.

Good doggies!
Iraq's Quislings told to try again in 2009
The Iraqi Quislings who are now clamouring to escape the local populations desire for revenge have been told to wait until 2009. At least 200 have already been told to take their hooks because they are not eligible for settlement in the UK anyway. The remainder, about 400 collaborators and their families have been told to try again in 2009.

Dear, dear and double dear. They threw in their lot with the invader and are now an unwanted reminder of a failed occupation.

Fuck 'em.


12 December 2007
EU split over Kosovo widens
Good news on the Kosovo front: the split in the European Union's ranks that we reported on yesterday has grown. Now five EU members are opposed to the dismemberment of Serbia. They are Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. This should give heart to the Serbs that if war does come they will not have to face a united EU. Spain and Greece are NATO members, so perhaps even that body can be kept out of it officially.

At the same time the Russian position appears to have hardened, with a statement that any Kosovo declaration of independence that did not have the UN Security Council's approval would be illegal. That will not stop the declaration, but it might just be enough to further widen the division over the issue in Europe.

As far as the United Nations as a whole is concerned, Kosovo cannot be seated as a member without the approval of the General Assembly. Let us hope that Serbian diplomats are now working hard to try and persuade as many states as possible to vote against the territory's membership.

With luck, and with a Kosovo that is only recognised by the USA and its clients, the Russians may feel able to give the green light to Serbia so that she can put an end to this western aggression once and for all.
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11 December 2007
EU split over Kosovo
The European Union seems to be split three ways over Kosovo. Germany, naturally, wants to defend her old allies in Kosovo by being tough on the Serbs, her historic enemies. Others favour recognising Kosovo without taking a position on Serbia, whilst Cyprus Greece and Spain seem to be leading the opposition to recognition at all.

Hopefully diplomats from Belgrade will be working overtime to try to get as many countries as possible into at least the neutral camp, and out of the clutches of Berlin and London. The fact that they have two from within the EU itself is a hopeful sign. With luck, and a bit of Russian prodding, others may announce that they will not recognise this new western appendage.

That it is going to be an appendage - and a damned expensive one to boot - is becoming clearer with each day that passes. The Serbs can cut of supplies of electricity and gas to Kosovo and force the west to shell out yet more billions in propping up Kosovo's drug dealers and pimps.

All of this is starting to look very interesting indeed.
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10 December 2007
Britain calls it quits in Iraq - combat operations end
The British are calling it a day in Iraq. All combat operations will cease at the end of the year and troop numbers will be cut to 2,500 by next spring. Basra province will be left to the tender mercies of the Mahdi Army, which is the most anti-American militia group that the Shia have. The apologists for aggression will try to spin this as a victory, but it is a bloody defeat for western imperialism. We can now sit back, break open the beer, and watch the Americans as they head towards their final defeat.

Iraq is over! Only Afghanistan and Kosovo to go before the party can really begin.

You've lost, warmongers. How can anyone trust you ever again? You led Britain into defeat.
Three options for Serbia
It now looks certain that the Albanians in Kosovo will declare the territory independent before the end of January. When that happens the Serbs basically have three options. They will cave in and accept their defeat. They will go to war to uphold their country's integrity, or they will cut a deal with Albania that will surprise us all.

Nothing in Serbia's history suggests that they will suddenly bow down to outside pressure. It just doesn't seem to be in their nature. Kosovo is at the heart of their nationality, and I just don't see any way that the Serbian government could back down even if it wanted to.

I realise that by saying that I am in a minority. Most British commentators are taking the line that the Serbs will be reasonable, especially since all those EU subsidies are at state. What these commentators don't realise is that ideology tends to trump economic self-interest.

The second option is war. The west has broken the armistice agreement of 1999 which stated quite clearly that Kosovo is a part of Serbia. Russia helped negotiate that agreement, and it is to be hoped that she will back Serbia and thus prevent war. If she doesn't, then it looks likely that Serbia will go it alone, and hopefully the site of NATO bombers reducing Serbian cities to rubble will force her to act.

However, there is a third option. It is one that both the Serbia and the Albanians were discussing in 1999 and one which the west refused to accept. Kosovo could be divided between the two. Albania would get the lion's share, but Serbia would be willing to accept that so long as she kept the Serbian parts of the territory.

Why did the west refuse to accept this deal? Largely because it meant accepting that the Serbs and the Albanians don't want to live together. It ran up against their post-modernist view that we are all consumers together.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail because it looks as if a division of the territory is the only realistic way forward.
09 December 2007
Kosovo is 4th most corrupt place on earth
This one's a laugh and a half. Well, it is for me, but then again I'm not a warmonger, pathetically trying to find something good to say about the disasters that have befallen my cause.

Kosovo, run as it is by drug dealers and KLA gangsters is now the fourth most corrupt territory on the planet. Isn't that nice, 'mongers?

All that load of old wank that you spurted out over the past decade or so about making the world a safer place for capitalism to operate in. Well, it was a waste of time, wasn't it?

Back in 2005 I commented on Kosovo, Serbia and how the world would look in the future. Why not just click on this little old link and read what I had to say?

Then come back here and admit that I was right, wasn't I? You have no idea how much I enjoy just being right!
08 December 2007
Will the Serbs fight alone?
Svetlana over at The Byzantine Blog writes:
The past two decades have probably been the hardest for Serbs in 20th century, and continuing in the 21st century, after the tremendous Serbian sacrifices in both world wars. Spectacularly betrayed by the former Western allies, Serbs have been presented with the bloody dissolution of the common state of Yugoslavia in which they were not only completely ostracized and purged from every of the former Yugoslav republics, but also singled out as both the instigators of each of the civil wars and perpetrators of the worst crimes imaginable.
Svetlana is right, of course. Serbia's only crime was to stand like a lion against everything that expanding capitalism could throw at her. For that she was lied about and then attacked.

There comes a time when you just have to say no, and I think that Serbia has reached that moment. If Russia will back them then I think that war can be averted. If she fails to do that then it looks as if Serbia will fight alone.

I suppose that there just comes a time when it is better to die in the bullring than the abattoir.
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07 December 2007
Warmongers are getting fearful over Kosovo
A somewhat hysterical piece in the Guardian from Timothy Garton Ash, who when he is not shilling for war is actually an Oxford professor. The line is that the Serbs "know" that Kosovo is lost and all it needs is for Serbia and Kosovo to be admitted to the European Union for everything to be sweet, light and post-modern.

A more likely outcome is for the Serbian army to get the green light from Moscow and then we shall see the Serbian flag snapping proudly in the breeze over every part of Kosovo. The warmongers will howl, they will rage and the rest of us will just ignore them.

Globalisation began its advance in Kosovo in 1999. Let us all hope that 2008 marks its final demise. There can be nowhere more fitting for that final death knell than Kosovo, where it all began.

Cheers: Neil Clark
06 December 2007
More evidence that the Serbs are serious about Kosovo
Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes states and their governments send out a signal, and that nobody takes any notice until it is too late? That seems to be happening with Serbia at the moment.

The latest is the announcement by Aleksandar Simic, an advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister, that "every state has the right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity by all means necessary."

It could all be bluff, of course, but the Serbs are not noted for their love of sabre rattling. The message coming out of Belgrade is loud and clear: Kosovo is Serbian and Serbia will fight to hold it.

Why is nobody taking any notice?
05 December 2007
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Was Gimlet Kamm set up by The Guardian?
Did The Guardian set Gimlet Kamm up to make him look even more bovine than usual? His piece on just how dangerous Iran is came out on the very same day that the Americans finally admitted that Iran isn't building nuclear weapons.

It could have been an error, but it looks to me as if someone nudged someone else and winks were exchanged. The chance to have another laugh at the expense of this short-arsed little fucker must have been too good to pass up.

For many years now the warmongering fraternity have taken themselves so seriously, and we had to take them seriously too, given that they were cheering on war after war. However, those days are now done and it is time to start laughing at the losers.

Maybe that is why The Guardian's sub-editors let this nonsense through?


04 December 2007
Abstentions defeated Chavez
As we reported yesterday, Hugo Chavez Frias' plans to change the Venezuelan Constitution failed by the narrowest of margins. The entrails still need to be read, but one thing has already become clear: almost 44% of the population didn't bother to vote.

One possible reason for that massive abstention could be voter fatigue. The people of Venezuela only re-elected Chavez Frias last year, and since he first took office in 1998 it seems as if elections and referenda have arrived thick and fast.

Many people, myself included, are political junkies, but many more aren't. It is not beyond the realms of possibility to argue that having given Chavez Frias a 63% mandate last year, many people just didn't fancy standing in the sweltering heat for hours to vote on yet more changes.

The President will remain in office until 2013, so he has plenty of time to entrench his revolution. The important thing now may just be to give people a rest from voting. Chavez Frias has enormous powers as president already, so he can still make some of the changes that he wants.
03 December 2007
Venezuela votes no.
By the narrowest of margins, the people of Venezuela voted not to pass the constitutional changes that President Hugo Chavez Frias had asked for. This means that the working day will not be reduced from eight to six hours and that social security will not be extended to the millions who work in the informal sector of the economy.

The president made a dignified concession speech and told his people that the vote had only been lost "for now". Hopefully, a full post mortem will now take place and the factors that led to the defeat can be considered. Changes will obviously have to be made before another ballot takes place.

In the meantime, the vote has to be seen as a victory for Venezuela's democracy, and a further legitimation of the previous elections and referenda that Chavez Frias has won.
02 December 2007
Michelle Marsh: Topless!

Click to enlarge.

Michelle Marsh became a heroine when she darted into a blazing building to rescue two puppies that were trapped inside. Here she is shown clutching them to her chest as she takes them to safety.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown. A fire brigade spokesman said: "There is something running down my leg and I don't think it's sweat."

Police wish to interview Michelle Marsh very soon. "We want her to come.... And have her particulars taken down," said their spokesman.


01 December 2007
Pleas to save Iraq's Harkis fall on deaf ears
Every now and again something happens that makes life just that little bit sweeter. It happened to my yesterday when an e-mail from Neil Clark arrived telling me that a rather pathetic piece by a Dan Davies had just gone up at The Guardian's site. Dan the baldy man was making an appeal for those poor, doomed, wretched Harkis - that nobody gives a shit about any more...

What evidence does your favourite Exile have that nobody gives a shit about the Quislings? Why the number of folk who joined in to cheer Dan the baldy man along. There were six comments altogether, but only two were enthusiastic about the baldy man's plea.

How times change. Was it only in August that Neil Clark gave such wide publicity to this lunatic scheme that the warmongers had to save face by bringing over 20,000 Iraq traitors to the UK? Leaving the army to continue bleeding in Iraq, of course.

How the 'mongers howled and screamed. Well, the fuckers are not howling now, are they? No, they are keeping very quiet and hoping that we all forget.

Sorry, folks, but The Exile has a good memory. Come Retribution Night in Basra he will be posting photos like fuck, just to remind you that you can't even save your Harkis.

Feeling like shit are you? You just fucking wait.

Not our problem! Not our war! Not our Harkis!


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