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13 November 2007
Why having your own article directory is a good idea
As a way to get back links there isn't much that can beat an article. The author gets to put his links at the bottom of his articles, and the person who downloads and posts the article gets some free material for his or her site. Everyone is happy, or at least they should be.

The problem is that many of the article directories are run by dipsticks who allow articles to sit in their pending trays for months before deciding whether or not to allow them into the directory. Having had that happen to me on two occasions I decided that I wasn't going to argue, what I was going to have was my very own article directory. So I went ahead and set one up.

As you can see, people are taking articles from it, so it is starting to have its intended effect, which is to give me links.

I think that I will expand the directory to include political articles taken from The Exile. Maybe the political bloggers will want to have an easy night from time to time as well as the money bloggers?

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