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22 November 2007
What's the price of petrol in the UK?
I see that the price of oil is now just a touch below the incredible $100 a barrel mark. So what's the price of a gallon of petrol back home these days? Here in Mexico it works at at about £1.50 a gallon. (Note to U.S. readers: the imperial gallon is a bit bigger than the American version.)

That must seem pretty cheap I suppose? Actually it is pretty fucking cheap, thanks in no small measure to Pemex, the state owned oil company which also runs all the petrol stations. Prices are set with government approval and they are the same at every petrol station throughout the country.

I know that Mexico is a major oil producer, but Britain also has her reserves in the North Sea. Alas for you, Britain also has governments that like pretending that the country is still a really, really great power. Maybe that is why your petrol is so expensive - that whacking amount of tax that goes on every gallon? Well, teaching Johnny Arab a lesson doesn't come cheap, does it?

As for me, I prefer to live in a country without pretensions or delusions. The petrol's cheaper too.

Gas is a hot topic all over. Maybe this is a dumb questions but since everyone has their reserves why is the use and purchase of petrol such a controversy?
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22 November 2007 at 08:08  


I see from the link that you gave me that you are a friend of Sheryl. So am I, via The Money Blog.

22 November 2007 at 08:34  

Yeah, well. Round here it mainly depends on what rate of tax is imposed on it. Be back in China shortly, where the gov't hasn't yet got the idea of penally taxing booze, fags or petrol...

23 November 2007 at 01:48  

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