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08 November 2007
Welcome Home.co.uk
Is it time to go home? For many of us the answer is yes, but the problem is that we have been away for so long that we don't even know where to start looking for accommodation back in the UK. If that is your problem then a website called welcome home.co.uk may just have the answers to some of those problems.

The interesting thing about this site is that they are not regionally specific. They have a page devoted to flats for sale in Leeds, as well as another that details flats in Leicester. If you are interested in the south, they have a large selection in London, as well as other areas that you might like to consider - had you ever thought about properties in Southampton, for instance?

The site comes complete with information that an old exile may just need before he returns home. I particularly liked the articles because of all the information that they contained. Did you know that houses near a London tube station cost on average 21 per cent more than those that are not so blessed? Or that the UK's top property hotspot is now Armagh, in Northern Ireland?

For those of you who have been away just a little too long, welcome home.co.uk is waiting to welcome you home.
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