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27 November 2007
Waiting for "a tiny miracle"
Unless a tiny miracle happens and a new Left Party is formed before the next UK General Election, I doubt after that election there will be a single working class MP in the Westminster Parliament... We have already reached the stage when if you look at the class backgrounds of the current crop... it appears to be more like 1907 than 2007. It is as if the major social changes that took place in the UK over the three decades that followed WW2 never happened, as these days almost the entire House of Commons comes from the urban middle classes. ... the working classes are becoming invisible from both Houses of Parliament.
There isn't anything that I can disagree with about this posting, and it is getting quite a justified airing around the socialist blogs. I think that there are two reasons why we have come to this pretty pass. The first is the professionalising of politics, and the second the takeover of the Labour Party at local level.

When Sir Winston Churchill lost the 1945 election it looked for a time as if Chartwell, Churchill's Kent home, would have to go on the market. A group of well wishers bought it and the Churchill's remained there until their deaths, whereupon it passed to the nation.

In those days it was expected that a Tory or Liberal would have a private income and that Labour men would have union sponsorship. I meant that the Commons more or less represented the two great classes that make up British society. It also meant that the middle class rabble by and large were kept out of politics.

Today becoming a member of the House of Commons is a tasty little earner for an ambitious little scrote who wants to trouser away a few thousand pounds a year. It is not the wage that is the problem, but all those lovely tax free expenses.

That by itself is not enough to explain why the Labour benches are now crawling like maggots over a corpse with middle class scrotes. The blame for that can be laid at the door of the lower middle class who have basically taken over the local Labour Parties. As was argued here, living in a working class district these days is rather like living under colonial rule. This being so, why does anyone expect those local colonial administrators to select someone who hates their guts? They choose someone from a nice home, with a nice background, who will put forward nice policies, that nice people like. The job of the working class is to turn out and vote for these chancers every four years or so. Other than that they must know their place.

The only way that this will change is if working class people stop allowing themselves to be used as voting fodder. To a certain extent this is happening, as more and more of our people simply refuse to vote.

That said, we need a pro-active answer, and one that will rally our tribe to battle. Partly that is what The Exile is all about, exploring paths that will lead to our class taking its justified retribution. Alas, although I can see the problem, I do not have an answer to it.

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And the BNP and suchlike are asking some of the same questions and fishing in the same pool Worrying. What's your take? And what's an up-to-date definition of working-class?

27 November 2007 at 23:39  

Of course they are. The right have to have working class support because the lower middle class are too small in number to do anything alone. So they have to come up with a pale pink set of policies that will get enough of the workers onside.

My definition is the same as it always has been. Class is symbolic and one class exists in opposition to another. We self define, but that self definition is bolstered by how other people see us.

Working class attitudes, created by that sense of self definition, to bastard work can be found here. You really have to be part of the tribe to think that way.

28 November 2007 at 00:06  

Well, that's the way I've always worked. Neither I not anyone in my areas in the Foreign Office did any work they weren't paid for. We all fucked off at 5, and if it wasn't possible to get our work done by then I'd go and fucking complain. Even as a senior manager I said that no-one was doing any overtime, because I didn't have the resources to pay anyone for it. If we really were pressed for time then everyone should write their extra hours down and they'd get days off in lieu. No such application was ever questioned or refused. The minute I got the opportunity to take early retirement with a pay-off, I took it. In strict Marxist terms, I am a rentier, living off my redundo. But sod that. I don't have to be in any bastard's office at 9 on a Monday morning, and that suffices for me.

I've now got a pretty good grasp of your line, which I don't quite agree with but which has a certain Swiftian internal consistency. At the risk of sounding a tad sentimental, not quite sure that people getting raped and having their heads hacked off is quite the right way to go about discrediting the government. After all, i's sorta painful for them and you and I aren't at any risk. Also the only practical result of getting NuLabor discredited is letting the Tories in. I agree that wouldn't be much worse, but it wouldn't be any better either, neither for us nor for the working class. I even agree with you on retribution, but that needs to be rich bastards here and in the US getting punched in the face and having their money taken away. Why not stick to that? As regards foreign policy, it doesn't matter very much but surely better to stick to the side who let you have a pint and a shag?

29 November 2007 at 00:29  

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