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14 November 2007
Spanish cartoonists fined for telling truth about royal shag

Two cartoonists who drew the above cartoon showing the Spanish Crown Prince on the job with his missus have been fined £2,000 each for their labours. The Spanish government had announced that it would pay couples just under £2,000 for each new baby born. In the cartoon, the prince is saying that being on the job is the nearest he would ever get to actually having a job.

Is this the reason why the King mouthed off the other day at the Ibero-American summit? That he knew that this attack on the Spanish press was due and wanted to distract attention back home?

It is not the first time that Franco's little fuck boy has played games like this. Back in 1981 a highly theatrical coup was organised by the ruling class to prevent the armed forces from launching a real one. It also had the added bonus of duping the left into moderating their demands for fear that another army revolt was in the offing. It worked and a final showdown between Spanish labour and capital was postponed.

All the more fucking reason, says The Exile, to support the two cartoonists. Getting fooled once is bad enough, but are the Spanish socialists going to allow it to be done to them twice?

Ooops! I guess Juan Carlos shouldn't have been so quick to tell Chavez to 'shaddap' - he's now taking a leaf out of Hugo's playbook by stomping on criticism!

Hey, eliminating freedom of speech in a tinpot semi-dictatorship like Vz. we can understand - but this is SPAIN!

Whatever happened to the right of free speech?

Oh, wait. I remember now. Europeans don't have one.

Interesting post and nicely balanced against your previous one featuring Juan Carlos. Good stuff.

14 November 2007 at 19:56  

Spain is the third world of Europe. Purveyor of chambermaids and waiters to the UK.

14 November 2007 at 20:23  

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