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15 November 2007
Russia send signal that she will defend Serbia
Russia sent another signal to the west that she will not sit by and allow Serbia to be dismembered. According to this report from the Byzantine Blog, Dimity Rogozin, Russia's future representative to NATO, has made it clear that just because "migrants suddenly constitute a majority in a region does not mean that they should be given the right to set up their own state". Ouch!

He went on to remind the Germans that Berlin is now the third largest Turkish city in the world after Istanbul and Ankara. Double ouch!

What will the warmongers do? Nothing of course. If Serbia gets the green light from Russia then her army will march back into Kosovo and the warmongers will do nothing. They are not going to fight a world war over a bunch of Albanian pimps and drug dealers.

Is it too fanciful to suggest that a turning point has been reached, and that globalised capitalism will soon be in full retreat? If so, then that obviously does not mark a final victory for labour over capital, but it is a small step on the road.

A defeat for the class enemy is a victory for us, comrades.

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