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19 November 2007
Personalised credit card at Mint.co.uk
Do you fancy a mint for Christmas? No, I'm not talking about sweets, I'm talking about the new Mint credit card that is on offer from the Royal Bank of Scotland. You can use it for credit card consolidation if you wish, but it has some other advantages as well.

The first of these is that Mint is offering you 0% interest on purchases made before the 1st June 2008. Not only that, but they offer you a credit limit of up to £7,500. Furthermore, there is no annual fee with the Mint card and you can apply for it on-line. I did mention that Christmas is coming, didn't I?

The thing that I like about this card is that you can personalise it. That's right, you just send your favourite photograph to the nice people at Mint and within a fortnight you should have your credit card personalised with that photo on it. I'm sorry, but I just find things like that amusing.

The Royal Bank of Scotland's Mint card can be used anywhere that you see the Mastercard sign: so what are you waiting for?
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