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12 November 2007
More on the Chavez spat with Franco's fuck boy
As we commented on yesterday, Spain's King Juan Carlos, also known as Franco's little fuck boy, forgot his place at the Ibero-American Summit in Chile and had the temerity to tell Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias to "shut up".

Well, Chavez Frias did not wait long to stick the boot into the fuck boy, by questioning the presence of Spain's ambassador at the Venezuelan presidential palace during the two-day coup in 2002. "It's very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup plotters without authorisation from his majesty," President Chavez Frias taunted. He then went on to say that the fuck boy was as angry as a bull, before pointing out that he was a good bullfighter - "Ole!"

To a certain extent this is all piss and wind, but there is a serious side to it. Venezuela and its leader are trying to take that country out of the clutches of western capitalism. Spain under Franco's little fuck boy is only too happy to remain a part of it.

You're absolutely right!

Chavez IS taking Venezuela out of the clutches of western capitalism...

...right into the clutches of totalitarianism.

Shutting down free speech. 'Amending' the constitution to allow a limitless term of office. Chavez has FAR more in common with the likes of Franco that Juan Carlos.

It rallied support for both of them in their home countries.

12 November 2007 at 18:19  

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