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21 November 2007
Ian Douglas Smith, 1919 - 2007

Click the photo to visit one of the last pro-Rhodesian sites.

Ian Douglas Smith has died at the age of 88. If you want to read an obituary, then a fair one can be found here.

Smith and the Rhodesians were proto-Thatcherites who liked to pretend that they were self-sufficient pioneers. Actually most whites lived in Salisbury, the capital city, where most of them were employed as civil servants. They could never understand why Britain did not support them, but the reason was obvious to me during the time that I spent there: who on earth would want to support a gang of poujadist shopkeepers, bovine factory foremen and retired British army NCOs?

Today, when Tony Blair as Labour leader can stand at a Labour Conference and claim that Labour represents "those who strive" they would probably be held up by both main parties as people worth supporting, but then they were just regard as scum, as this 1980 article makes clear. Anyway, for the record, scum is what they were.

Had the Rhodesia Crisis happened in 2005 instead of 1965 things probably would have been very different. Those same fake-socialists who today cheer on the forward march of capitalism would, I have no doubt, have found something progressive in Ian Smith and his people. As it is they have to content themselves with the odd discrete call for the kaffir to be put firmly back in his place. That said, when they do, as this reply to a Drink Soaked Wankers For War posting demonstrates, they get put firmly in their place.

Smith and Mugabe were as anti-British as each other, as of course Mugabe still is.

Mugabe was a hero to those who became New Labour, the Euston Manifesto Group, &c. And Smith was a hero to those who cut their teeth in the FCS, who are now the Henry Jackson Society, &c.

Like I say, as anti-British as each other.

21 November 2007 at 10:51  

I said to someone this morning, "The main blunder Ian Smith made was to delay the liberation of Zim until dictators like Mugabe rose up." The reply was, "How do you explain Malawi's Banda, Zaire's Mobutu Sesse Seko, etc etc?"

I had no reply!

How could I explain the Malawi butcher "The Ngwazi" who literally threw his "opponents" into crocodile-infested rivers alive? How is his student, Robert Matibili, (also a Malawian) different? Had Dr Hasings Kamuzu Banda got his country through an armed struggle (since we explain away Matibili's style using that excuse)? What about Mobutu? How do we explain him?

Well, a white Smith has fallen but the black Smith is still around and wants to continue another five years. Various other formations cannot unite to remove him democratically!

No, we are not mourning Ian Douglas Smith... we are busy suffering and wondering when the black Dictator will fall! Ian Smith's death is a non-event ...wait for the real thing when Robert Matibili passes away!
Unfortunately the world watches with a binoculars from afar as if its all a sweet game of chess!


Rev Mufaro Stig Hove...



21 November 2007 at 13:45  

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