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07 November 2007
Vote for Neil Clark!
Neil Clark has slipped into the lead for the Best UK Weblog 2007 Award, but the outcome is still far from certain. He is up against some heavyweight blogs, so still needs your support. Have you voted for him today yet? If not, please do so now, and if you can, return to vote on Thursday. That's right, you can vote every 24 hours until the polls close at 10.00pm GMT.

Here's why you should vote for Neil Clark:

When I first posted on the need to keep the Iraqi collaborators out of the UK back in August I never actually imagined that a full blown campaign would begin, nor that it would be so successful. The proponents of that lunatic idea wanted to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators into the UK, and leave the British army still defending Blair's neo-con fantasy in Basra. That's right - let God knows how many Quislings into the country and leave the army to rot. Anything to save face as the disaster unfolded.

Neil Clark put a stop to that load of old wank with a single article in The Guardian. He was screamed at, abused, taunted, but an awful lot of ordinary people who do not read blogs started writing letters to their local newspapers. The government had to take notice of popular opinion.

Today the Iraqi turncoats are hiding out like so many sewer rats, terrified of the consequences of their actions. The message has been sent to Iran. In the event of an invasion, do not collaborate. Look what happened to the Iraqi collaborators...

Let's thank Neil for his work. Let's vote for him today and then again tomorrow before the poll closes.


7 November 2007 at 21:17  

This is why you are losing, pal. It's the same reason why you couldn't get the harkis into the UK.

You lot are so culturally isolated from the working class that you claim to speak for it's unreal.

Drink beer - shag women - bollocks to the boss.

7 November 2007 at 21:32  

Oh I have heard of you! You must BE Neil Clark. Com eon! They are not seriously going to give YOU an award are they?Which one? Sleazy politician?

I take offense at how you spoke to James over on his blog. Don't you know that any polite ,decent person does not go and insult writers on their own blogs?

Oh Look? I must be just like you!
Guess what? MY hobby is suing people too!

7 November 2007 at 21:47  

Ooh, a new webmong has arrived.

No, webmong, I am not Neil Clark. You can find a link to his blog on my sidebar.

7 November 2007 at 22:57  

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