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24 November 2007
Gimlet Kamm name drops again: Exile gets yet more laughs

He likes name dropping, does young Gimlet Kamm. So would you if you were a short-arsed little fucker that everyone laughed at. The problem is that this time the name that has been dropped just happens to be that of John Sweeney. . . Hmm, it might have been a better idea, Gimlet, if you had picked another name. Still, thanks for the laugh, eh?

And the reason for the name drop? Screamer Sweeney went off to Venezuela and came back with a report that was critical of Hugo Chavez Frias. However, he did admit that the poor are gaining out of the revolution, so who cares about the rest?

Screamer didn't scream once, which is a pity. I wonder if Gimlet screams? I'll bet he does. And throws his Teddie around the room. Poor Teddie.



Man's a cunt.

25 November 2007 at 23:32  

Which one, Gimlet or Screamer?

Gimlet I can understand, being the short-arsed little fucker that he is, but Screamer is beyond my understanding.

Did he think that he would get his wages cut if he didn't return with the video that his gaffers wanted?

26 November 2007 at 00:28  

Perhaps we should find out what the maltreated Teddie was called? Just on the off-chance that it was Mohammed. Then he'd be in real trouble.

26 November 2007 at 23:55  

Gimlet's full name is Oliver Kamm. I call him Gimlet because he is a small boring tool...

Oxford, my time, New College. Couldn't get invited to drinkies at the Ox & Cow. Knifed by Goodman in Limehouse, may have joined Labour. Also turned down by Apollo. Silly sod hacked it!

Rumours of a girl named Clair at New who humiliated him. No shags at all that I can find.

The thin man has never heard of him. Know anything?

27 November 2007 at 04:07  

Know about him from recent journalism, not otherwise. But I was only involved in Oxford politics intermittently - too much diversion (principally the ex-wife - not worth it in retrospect). Never came across trhe man either.

27 November 2007 at 04:19  

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