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11 November 2007
Franco's fuck boy gets lippy at summit:
It was supposed to help bring the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Europe and America closer together, but it turned into farce when Spain's Prime Minister interrupted Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias who was busy slagging off the previous Spanish government's anti-Venezuelan stance. As Chavez tried to reply, the Spanish King Juan Carlos, told him to "shut up". So much for Hispanic unity...

Franco's hand-picked little fuck boy left the conference hall soon after, so didn't get to hear Cuba and Nicaragua defending the Venezuelans. However, before he left, the Francoist fucker was forced to sit and listen to the rather dignified reply from President Chavez, which was to the effect that Venezuela will always defend its sovereignty.

Chavez Frias should have just reminded him of his arse-licking origins. Contempt really is the only answer to insolence like that.

Still, if the Americans do attack Iran and if the world does face an oil shortage, methinks that Spain is going to feature quite highly on Venezuela's shit list. It would be so nice to think of Juan Carlos having to do a bit of begging under circumstances like that. Yes, very nice indeed. They have long memories in Latin America.

All good fun.

Thanks about this info. I apreciate it.

11 November 2007 at 14:00  

You have a way with words, Exile.

Old Lippy is impressed.

11 November 2007 at 14:39  

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