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21 November 2007
Donate an old car to Car Angel Ministries
Do you want to donate a car to help fund a worthy cause? I'm serious, if you have an old banger that you can't be bothered fixing up to sell, then Car Angel Ministries will take it off your hands for you. You are even eligible for an IRS deduction from your next tax bill, courtesy of your donation.

Why a car donation, is that what I hear you ask? Well, think about it for a moment. Do you really have the time and patience to get your old car's paperwork in order so that it can be sold? Then you have all the trouble to go to of advertising it and waiting for people to arrive, only to have them haggle for hours about the price. Quite frankly, when you are dealing with something that doesn't have much value, anyway, all that is often more trouble than it is worth. So car donations make sense if only for that reason. However, there are also lots of good reasons why a car donation is worthwhile in other ways.

Car Angel Ministries has partner charities across the USA and helps single mothers, orphans and recovering drug addicts with food distributions and educational materials. In other words, by donating your old car you are helping other people to eat and, hopefully, to get their lives in order.

This Christian group also uses the revenue from car donations to offer completely free children's DVDs to anyone who wants them. As you will see when you click on the link that I have just given you, many of these films have won prestigious awards at the film festivals.

This looks like a good idea where everyone stands to gain something. You get rid of your old car and the donation is tax deductible. Car Angel Ministries uses your donation to fund good works, including free children's DVDs.
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