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09 November 2007
Cheap Broadband at BT Total Broadband
Are you looking for cheap broadband. If you live in the UK, then the deals start at just £8.95 for the BT Total Broadband packages. For that you get a standard wired router, five gig of monthly downloads and up to eight meg of download speed.

The days of dial-up are clearly coming to an end. Trust me, if you are still using that old type of connection you won't believe just how lightening fast a broadband connection actually is. My son cheerfully downloads full length films of over 500 meg in just one evening, and still has capacity on the connection to do other things with his computer at the same time. We both connect to the same router, using wi-fi, and he can be "working" away on his computer - or doing whatever it is that teenagers do with a computer - while I am using mine. Both connected, both happily surfing away, all thanks to broadband.

It is time you made the switch, people, and BT Total Broadband are ready and waiting to offer you the exact package for your family's needs.
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