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16 November 2007
Book Review: 9 1/2 Years behind The Green Door
9 1/2 Years Behind The Green Door, by Simone Corday

Behind The Green Door. . . To anyone around the age of 50 those words are evocative of that golden age before AIDS and too much cocaine ruined everything. I still think that it was one of the greatest porno epics ever made, and I don't just say that because I made some money out of it. If truth be told, I made a fair bit of money out of that film, by taking it and my 8mm projector around the stag and retirement parties of Manchester in the early 1970s. Happy days and easy money - what more could anyone want?

The film was directed by the Mitchell Brothers, Artie and Jim. Artie's lover for almost a decade was Simone Corday, and she has now written her memoirs of those incredible times. It's a wonderful roller-coaster of a read, much of it set in the famous O'Farrell Theatre, owned by the Mitchells and home to some of the wildest sex parties of the early 1980s.

It was the world of Hunter S Thompson, the irreverent journalist who basically lived at the place, of strippers, politicians and sportsmen who made the O'Farrell the place to be. As you will see if you read free chapters that are on offer, it was quite a time - until it all went sour.

Simone Corday is unusual in that she not only lived through this period, but she has the ability to write about it lucidly and well. Take a trip over to her website and buy a copy of her book. You won't be disappointed.

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